Ramble 1
Artair came to me in the morning and asked if I would be willing to follow Lady Alice and Kaela around the town, keep an eye on them. I don't particularly care were one's parents come from if I get to stand behind them and take in a wonderful view as well as enjoy the festivities. They really aren't all that bad, a Fraser is a Fraser but I was expecting more... pomp or something. Aside from the colorful view they acted relatively normal. It's too bad they aren't more chatty or outgoing though, then I'd have had a reason to pound a few of the onlookers for getting too friendly. The only thing I got to fight was a pile of ash. Not my finest moment.

Also, I got paid to stare at them off and on. I think this is going to be a good year.

We met a strange fellow from the mountains who was looking for the Scales of the World. I thought for a moment he was looking for fish scales, one of those strange collector types you know? Then he goes on and on about inner balance and being made up of fire and air and I may have zoned out while they were going on about it.

Your true self is found on the battlefield and in the hunt and that there's no balance there. You either take hold of the terror and thunder of facing death down naked but for a sword and mount it's head to your wall or you die trying. Unless of course you die a coward. Internal peace or balance or whatever that tripe is will only get you dead.

I didn't feel completely comfortable talking about this in front of Alice and Kaela. They seemed rather interested in his quest so I kept quiet.

Also we met that strange sea touched boy I keep hearing about. He doesn't look all that tough. You'd think being a child of the ocean would give him some better muscles. Depending on how this all goes maybe I'll offer to toughen him up, he wasn't so sketchy in the end.

And an amazing Bard. She sang beautifully. And I can't get it out of my head. I'm not sure if I should blush or curse. All in all we ended up forming a strange little band. At least Alice and Kaela had a good time.

Oh, and then a Zombie showed up in the middle of town and dissolved on me. I may have screamed. No one can prove it though.

Tomorrow we set out for the Fens. Hopefully two nobles, a fish lad, a songstress, and balance boy will all be able to come out of this unscathed. I'm not sure I'd live through Artair and Mother if I brought them back home with gaping wounds.

Well, I don't think anyone'd mind if Balance Boy (what is his name again?) didn't come back. But letting any of the others get maimed just feels like it'd probably lead to bad things for me.
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