Life on this Reef Ain't That Bad
Exciting couple of days.

Bonewreck Isle is swarming with Sea Lizard Folk. The Man's Promise, nee Blood Sail is still ship wrecked on the reef, Rosie Cosswell has taken the roll of captain & has no idea what to do, rumors of Whitey the Sea Monster, Cindara Kin is having nightmares that Lamashtoo the Sea Monster Mother is guarding the island, Owlbear Hawthorne is hungry, we are running low on water, the ship is taking on water, and all is not well!

A lone Sea Lizard Folk attack the boat & is blasted by a cannon after he launches darts into Jigaboo & Rosie--who become cursed.

We row to shore in a magic boat to find this Lamashtoo Sea Priestess, meet Mark the survivor, who speaks of evil Whore Hags in on the near the swamp who attack him every night.

We walk through the jungle, past a fresh water source where Whitey causally swims [we avoid him], and encounter the hags who we kill and collect their treasure.

Then we climb a cliff to the lair of the Sea Lizard Folk. I repel in and am attacked. I swim to safety only to be hooked in the Lake of Hooks.
Session: Hooks? - Sunday, Nov 10 2013 from 8:00 PM to 1:00 AM
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*Shudder* ...Lake of Hooks has an ominous ring to it like Sea of Despair or Forest of Sorrow.

Little Gnome + lots of hooks = food!!