We didn't start the fires! They were always burning since we were returning.
Kythorn 24

Where are we? You are all you people? Seems like it's been months since we last saw each other.
We sit here discussing what items each of us gets and what spells the casters should memorize.

Finally figure out what the spear does
Spear of black dragon slaying :: +20 vs black dragons, +10 vs acid

And a half hour later…

Still on a raised rock formation, it's very hot in here. Then again we are in a volcano.
We have to keep together because we only have a few rings to protect us from the heat.
It's been an hour now so we'd better get out of here. Slowly, we make our way out of the cavern.

On the narrow stairs, a beetle comes out of the wall. I react first but because I'm in the back and it's too hot to leave the area of protection, I'm forced to wait. Brandon casts a cold spell which kills the beetle. Five more large insects come out of the wall. Durin gets bit. Nick hits one followed by Durin. Theresa jumps down and moves around front to hit the creature. I move up to the beetle, past the others on the narrow stairs. I still cannot reach the beetles so I take out the spear of black dragon slaying. I'll be able to stab between my own party. Some beetles crawl on the wall. Now we're surrounded. Only way to go is back into the large cavern. Nick casts resist fire on me. Now I can leave the ring's area of protection. Nick kills a beetle. A fire elemental creature emerges from a crevasse. I move up to engage it. I hit it once but the heat in intense. Nick's protection is just barely balancing the heat of the environment. Another fire beetle emerges from the wall. The rest of them kill the beetles eventually. While I fight the fire elemental, a second one emerges. I take a beating this round. I was near death for a moment but Nick provides some healing. Theresa joins me fighting the elementals. The rest fight from a ranged position.
yada yada yada … we kill them.

Two hundred feet before the exit, we see two more fire elementals down the main passage towards the heart of the volcano. Luckily, that's to the left and we wanna go to the right.

Outside! We roll the boulder back to cover the entrance. Down the mountain, we find our horses still alive. We ride back towards town.

First night, second watch, we got trouble!
We hear what sounds like a group of people running towards town. A band of orcs and goblins! Nick votes to let the town fend for themselves.

Kythore 25

We arrive in town to find the orcs and goblins pointing spears at some townspeople. Eldin turns invisible and moves closer and casts a fireball at the orcs/goblins and sets at least four buildings on fire. So he does it again and sets another building on fire. Yes, we saved the town! And yet a third fireball. I expect the town's people to be thanking us any minute now. A fourth fireball from Eldin. The smell of charred orc and goblin fills the air as several building are engulfed in flames. The town is going to be so grateful to us for saving them. Never mind the burning buildings. The town is mostly intact. Then Eldin comments that maybe we should have left one orc alive so we can question him. Brandon casts sleet storm to quench all the fires we started.

We go back to the bar to return the rings of fire resistance. The owner is not there. We order lunch. Sure we just set a bunch of buildings on fire and left several dozen orcs' and goblins' charred bodies in the streets, but we're hungry. The owner eventually arrives. He remembered us from a few days ago. We ask about his daughters. We have to return the rings to them.

Later we pay for several rooms. The mayor comes in. We discuss the days events. We're all at a loss to explain the fires (wink wink). The owner's daughters come down and see us. They seem surprised. Did they not expect us to survive? Or maybe not honor our word to return the rings? But they accept the rings back.

So we have the complete suit of armor, the spear of black dragon slaying, and the savior who will wear the armor and wield the spear against the dragon who threatens the north. Our job is done. Oh wait. We still need to raise an army. We ask the daughters about joining our army. They are currently in the town's militia.
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