Pointer-left Doom-and-gloom

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An audience with Gloom...
Luck Jack Nealton stands at the orb of scrying onboard a flying mosquito ship in the workshop of a long dead wizard. He concentrates and an image of a cave appears, in it an alter made of stone, wood and bone.

Adric & Thorgar watch as Jack calls out to Gloom and eventually he answers!

"Nice to see you again Jack."

"You have a question for me? I have a small favor I would ask to answer it for you."

Session: Gloom - Wednesday, Sep 11 2013 from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM
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"No question Jack? Thought you were more clever than that"
" You've answered my question already Gloom. You're still in here. Be gone, you bore me with your whining for payments and trades. You lost me long ago and I will not bargain with you now. You said once names have power. Gloom is the only name I know you by so thrice by that name be gone. Leave me Gloom, leave me Gloom and by my friends and The Mother be gone Gloom." Jack cover the crystal ball and sighs....
"If only it were that simple for you my boy, but we have a deal you and I. One that you life was returned for. Without me there is no you.... If you want to settle your debt fulfill the terms to which you agreed Jack. There's a good boy. Sleep well."
Then do what you will. Turn me into a goat or blow me up because I'm tired of all you immortal children.