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A turning point
The party's rest was interrupted by an earthquake, and aftershocks which sent rocks tumbling from the roof of the cavern. They decided to risk remaining in the cave, since in their condition, stumbling across more Foulspawn or an aboleth could mean death.

Some time later, green slime oozed through the cracks in the cave and landed on the party, threatening to dissolve their flesh. The party fought off the slime-creatures, and, fearing more subterranean dangers, decided to cautiously head toward the surface.

To their relief, no more monsters blocked their way (being busy elsewhere) and they were able to escape the temple catacombs. A strange energy field surrounded the temple which apparently rendered common (i.e., low level) folk unconscious. Captain Dunfield and a few of the more powerful clerics were helping pull the dozing victims of the field safely outside.

After a short debriefing, the party went to rest and finally were able to regain their strength, despite the unexplained seismic vibration which now seemed constant. Overnight a terrible crash was heard, and the next morning they could see that the temple grounds had lowered substantially, creating a shallow crater and half-collapsing the buildings within.

Additionally, reports out of Neverwinter suggested that the town was under attack. The party used their Stone of Sending to speak with mayor Galt. The dwarf first seemed panicked, confirming that aberrant monsters had surged from the Chasm en masse and attacked the wall, but suddenly calmed down and ensured the party there was nothing to worry about.

Skeptical of the dwarf, who had always been friendly, but also had sent them on at least two potential suicide missions, the party purchased a divination ritual to view Neverwinter from afar. And alas, the mayor's story was confirmed; smoke and rubble choked the alleys of Neverwinter's market district, and screams and the sounds of battle could be heard all around.

They scryed the area, watching a Neverwinter guard and a cultist team up against a spell-plagued abomination. They finished off the creature, and then the cultist stabbed his temporary ally in the back, screaming, "Your blood will fuel the dread ring!"

The spell faded. Things looked dire.
Session: Game Session - Friday, May 17 2013 from 2:00 PM to 7:30 PM
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