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The Hex Locus (part 2)
Back underneath Helm's Hold, the party attempted to return to the Hex Locus. They first encountered a strange, green-skinned elf who seemed a bit crazy and disappeared into the tunnels. When they neared the chamber containing the Hex Locus, Des and Mika scouted ahead and peered in; a half-dozen aboleths circled the Locus, channeling beams of energy into the orb.

When the pair retreated and began to retrace their steps, they couldn't find their way back. Where the passage had once continued straight, the hallway turned, as if the bizarre spellplague energy permeating the area was warping reality.

After waiting for a while for the scouting party to return, the others set out to find them in small groups, until everyone was lost in the catacombs, unable to find the way out again. Des encountered some hulking foulspawn, and shrank into the shadows to let them by. Soon, he found himself in a large, natural cavern filled with glowing mushrooms. The sing-song voice of the green-skinned elf greeted him, laughing eerily.

Meanwhile, the foulspawn had stumbled across Lo-Thar and Vilnyk, and started a fight. The rest of the party followed the sound of battle and soon they were reunited. It was a surprisingly hard fight, but the heroes won in the end. Des mentioned the cavern he had found, and they headed that way, hoping to find a way up to the surface, or at the very least, a place to rest.

Despite being assailed by aggressive plantlike creatures, they pressed on, and found Chartilifax, a green dragon, who had long ago been polymorphed into the form of a green-skinned elf, turned by Rohini, and who now hunted the catacombs.

After slaying Chartilifax, the party was beaten and exhausted, and searched for the dragon's lair where they might safely rest.

Unfortunately the cavern was populated by mushroom men--myconids--which aggresively defended their territory. But after another grueling combat, the party finally found a small cave, and Chartilifax's sizeable horde within. After what seemed like an endless series of fights, they lay down to rest (hopefully).
Session: Game Session - Saturday, Apr 20 2013 from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM
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