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Well of Bones (recap)
Upon returning to Helm's Hold, the party indulged in some well-earned rest. While they slept, Fenerick had strange dream, which turned into a vivid vision of the Prophet Rohini being kidnapped.

The spell-scarred sorcerer awoke and warned his allies, who ran to the temple to investigate. At night, the temple was strangely quiet, and no one stirred, guards or otherwise.

When they arrived at Rohini's chambers, the door was open and the room was covered in a strange blue flame which covered the walls and floor like ooze. The ephemeral flame evaporated as they watched, and Fenerick had another vision--this time, of Rohini being carried into a tunnel entrance. After a few minutes of searching, they found the entrance and headed inside, making their way into the catacombs beneath Helm's Hold.

The party made their way to a huge underground room where human-sized cages hung from chains on the ceiling. The path continued across a bridge and down crumbling stairs around the chamber, but the party first battled some aberrant wretches, attracting the attention of an Aboleth. Mika blasted the Aboleth with a psychic attack, causing it to fall down the well with a resounding splat! It didn't return, and the heroes finished mopping up the wretches.

The party rested after the battle and then descended into the Well of Bones. As they made their way across a bridge halfway down, they heard a terrible crash and a cacophany of terrible howls. The aboleth had released a pack of ravenous werewolves, driven to madness with hunger, who rushed at the party, climbing the walls and stairs.

The falling aboleth had made a slippery splotch on the bridge which was difficult to walk across, and further complicated things by appearing from beneath the bridge and attacking the party as the werewolves approached. Some of the heroes fell off and were injured but continued to battle on both levels at once until they had finished off the aboleth and the pitiful starved beast-men.

Then, guided by Fenerick's visions and Lo-Thar's expert tracking, they came to a chamber where Rohini was imprisoned with a few other sad citizens.
Session: Game Session - Friday, Feb 15 2013 from 2:30 PM to 7:00 PM
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