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Monday Night BBF
The Final Assault
The yells of surprise and pain coming from the orcs attacked in the barracks has alerted the orcs praying in the main room, an the adventurers exit the barracks they seen 8 orcs rushing down the stairs towards them. At the same time the alarm seems to have been raised and 4 female orcs come rushing in from the other direction

Jon and Sam turn to face the orcs approaching on the stairs, Aremil takes up and middle ground and Swaine and Jarod face-off against the female orcs.

Jon fires twice with his bow at the approaching orcs but fails to hit, he then promptly drops his bow and draws his sword ready for the attack. Swaine however is truer with his shooting and takes down 2 of the female orcs with his sling, one with a blow to the chest cracking her ribcage and the second going down to a blow to the head!

Aremil starts to cast a spell however the confusion going on around him distracts him and the spell fails to ignite into life, unfortunately a further 2 attempts also fail

Jarod fires his bow at the female orcs, his shot is very true and released with devastating power with a single shot felling 2 female orcs!

Sam wades forward to meet the oncoming orcs, he strikes the first flush to the faces crushing his head his momentum takes him forward to strike another however his swing fails to find a target

An orc attacks Jon but he is ready with sword to deflect the blow, more ready than the orc realised as he parries the blow with great skill and provides an opening to allow him a quick counterstrike which ends the orcs life

The orcs continue to press, 2 orcs swing at Sam however neither manages to strike true .. Aremil now has regained his senses a casts a spell firing a magical spear into the chest of an orc, quickly followed by another to an orcs head providing another instant kill

Sam continues to onslaught smashing another orc to a pulp, however a second follow through attack misses and leaves him off balance stumbling into the middle of the group of attacking orcs

With sword in hand Jon now presses the attack on the orcs, he gets a strike but it is not a solid one .. a second swing at the orc fails to find its mark

Swaine and Jarod continue to fight against the female orcs, with his sling Swaine takes down another quickly followed by Jarod taking down another two .. the numbers are slowly being reduced, 2 whip welding orcs run around the corner!!

Aremil attempts to cast a spell to conjure up a ball of fire however his unfamiliarity with the spell and the pressure of the oncoming orcs and he fails to form the words correctly, the spell fails

Jon continues to fight against the orcs pressing from the stairs, he strikes but fails to deliver a fatal blow however a follow up blow from Jon takes him down .. he turns his attention to another foe but fails to hit

Sam continues his battle against the orcs he faces, after a couple of misses his third strike hits true and an orc crumbles on the weight of the blow of Sam's mighty Maul

One of the orc manages to break free of the main fight and strike Aremil whilst he is still trying to gather the words for his next spell

The mighty Ogre Turrak is now upon Sam and Jon wielding a 2-handed sword in each hand, his first blow is parried by Sam's maul but the second blow hits true injuring Sam but he manages to stay on his feet

At the rear of the group the fight continues, Swaine and Jarod now face to chain mail wearing orcs wielding whips ... the first sling shot from Swaine hits however the sturdy chain-mail the orc is wearing absorbs the blow

Jarod quickly notches his bow and with a well place shot drops the first orc overseer with ease, he is however unable to hit the other orc as he quickly closes ground

Turrak fiercely presses the attack against Jon, he strikes Jon with such force Jon falls back from the blow and now lies prone on the floor at Turraks feet, he roars with delight hoping to finish his prey

Aremil still struggles to form the words for his spells causing another to fail, composure is regained and Aremil successfully casts a spell sending a spear to pierce the heard of an orc killing him instantly. He then tries to cast some illusionary

Jon manages to struggle to his feet and strikes out with his blade at Turrak hitting the ogre in his torso, but still struggling to fully regain his footing the second strike falls short of the mark

The orc overseer has now closed in on Swaine and Jarod and uses his whip to great affect to strike at Swaine, buoyed by his success he presses for a second strike but this time Swaine manages to deftly dodge out of the way

Seeing his companion in trouble Sam goes for an audacious all out attack against Turrak, the first strike looks to have hit true but Turrak manages to deflect the blow but Sam is quicker to readjust and his second and third strike both hit Turrak curshing a few bones ... a fourth strike from Sam though misses

Enraged by the pain from the blows and the nature of Sam's pressing attack Turrak strikes out at Sam but he manages to deflect the blow, Turrak frustrated turns his attention to Jon and with one mighty blow cleaves Jon down. Now fuel by pain and blood-lust Turrak continues to strike out but misses with three strikes

Seeing Jon fall to the floor lifeless clears Aremil's mind and he manages to form the words to send a magic spear deep into Turrak's chest, he seems to contemplate the hit for a moment before falling backwards lifeless

The fight at the rear continues with the orc striking at Swaine however the attempt is clumsy and he leaves himself off balance allow Swaine a free strike, he hits but fail to penetrate the tough chain mail armor

Aremil sees the fight now still going on behind him and moves to assist however he is too eager and stumbles forward almost dropping his sword, luckily he keeps hold of it and quickly sinks it into the orc killing him

The fight is over and many orcs lie dead, unfortunately for the adventurers so does Jon ... Sam decides that this can't be and tries with all his will to call on the those same power that helped him heal to bring Jon back to life!

It seems the gods favor Jon on this day as he begins to breath life again

After gathering themselves the adventurers continue to search the caves behind Turrak's throne room and find some more miners being held prisoner. After freeing all the miners the adventurers proceed to exit the caves, the enemy defeated and lives saved

The other miners great the adventurers as they leave the cave and together they travel to Tenkar escorting the remaining miners back to their homes
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