Curing the Blight...

The witches minion offered a little useful information, enough to suggest a direction and perhaps invest our companion Thorgar more fully. Perhaps add another wall to the crucible that will be the fiends end on this world as well. If the Mother wills it.

I saw little use on prolonging the banter about the obvious. The balance must be restored. The journey has begun.

Our first way point was an ancient citadel of Thorgar's people. A citadel under the siege of their ancient enemy. Like Thorgar's people seek to build the hoard seeks to destroy. The people of the citadel afflicted with a transformation that was turning them into what they sought to shape. Creating a weakness in their labor that the hoard sought to exploit. A weakness created by the one who disturbs the balance. A disturbance that has awakened the Mother and all of her children.

Their presence confirmed as much. A small scouting band. Dealt with swiftly but also emphasizing the urgency of action if by nothing more than demonstrating the extent of the blight upon the land. The blight of men who sought the power they did not understand.

Power that placed yokes upon them. Men who have forgotten what they are, part of the whole and not its entirety. Men who dared disturb the balance for coins.

We knew them once as men. Men who abused the soil and then sought power from sources promising solutions apart from the wisdom of the Mother. Sources promising even to evade the Mother's ultimate mercy. Something we cannot restore to them as they will pass to the torment of their masters instead. So be it. May their masters enjoy them as playthings in the places where they dwell.

What is left of the man in me mourns the change in my friend Adric. His melding completed the transformation that was building . May he find the strength to lead the people of the dark wood. As I must find the strength to lead the people of my ancestors and the hoards of the Mother. This much has been clear to me for some time.

Does Jack represent the men of the valley that might still be saved? Or do Thorgar and he represent broader societies beyond the valley whose existence is threatened by the blight that began so near the place of our births? A blight that must be checked to restore the balance.

We no longer seek to hold the line of the achievement of our nearest kin. To nurture the land to bring forth the next generations is a dream for others in the future and the past. Instead we must remove the blight and corruption of men who do not understand.
Session: Gloom - Wednesday, Sep 11 2013 from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM
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Sun shine and lolly pops....
“but all magic is energy and to bring energy into something, it must leave from somewhere else.”

"I am still in need of an ally on your world."

Jack see past events of Gloom in his dreams of late. He wakes in the morning, goes to a corner of the room and starts drinking, heavily.
The Empty Star Rises again...
Que? No combrehende?

Alright, for future reference, aside from mind control fairly rolled into the open I usually do not consciously pit PC vs PC.

Here's what I think I know...

1. Toad demon has totally f-ed up the place we used to call home. Not much we can do to "make things right" in the same time line that our 0 levels started in.

2. Adric is no longer Adric, while whatever he has become might be an enemy of my enemy is my friend is all well and good...see opening comment.

3. All three of the original PCs have died and have come back somehow. Respawn with side effects/changes in benefits can be pretty cool.

But right now as a player I am feeling a little John Snowy...I know nothing. I don't mind playing "cards tight to the chest" as part of developing a plot AKA, you know something the others don't and it must be kept from the other players or it just won't be any fun, but if that the case I am missing the cards being dealt to me alone.

Meanwhile back to dryer wrestling...

I is good