Old Acquaintances

We had passed into our present, and somewhat beyond, during my time in my berth. Two or three generations had come and gone during our absence. But we were moving closer to home. What needed to be reclaimed to restore the balance still posed a question, a question the hag might answer.

As Jack filled the bracer with water I saw my new reflection for the first time, at least fully registering what I was seeing. I was a vision of Nymar, certainly not as big but a fitting whelp by any measure. My eyes now were held at the level between where my breast and my loins would be in my man form. From the measures of the boat there was a full rod between the tip of my nose and the base of my tail.

The words of the old crone raised my hackles. She requested we visit her in “Punjar.” Not one to trifle with puzzles we turned the ship towards the city where we had last seen her or her minions. Pulu came to mind, what had become of her?

We landed some distance from the city and left the ship and its guardians. I bounded down the gangplank to feel real life beneath my feet, smell real life in the air and other things.

As the others traveled on the road I kept to either side. I found it easy to sweep back and forth while keeping up with their progress and then some.

A few would be highway men and other creatures thought better than to trifle with us. Evidently the thought of a great white wolf ripping out their throats while a man, a delvo and a dwarf did their worst cowed the best among them. The smell of urine trailed from clothing would make some of them easy to track if need be.

When the city came into sight the disorganized visual cacophony that was Punjar wasn’t there. In its place a well ordered city with polished marble walls shone in the sun. A single neat harbor, as large or larger than the old, was hewn from the surrounding forest which in itself was replaced with neatly terraced gardens, pastures and farms.

The place smelled of men but with a reverence for the gifts of the Mother. I padded on a few steps ahead of my companions.
We came to the city gates where neatly dressed soldiers greeted us with “Welcome to Vindel.” More than our forms had changed in the time of our absence. When I spoke the guards were perplexed when I agreed to “walk myself” after allowing Thorgar to place a rope around my neck for a lead.

The soldiers returned with a surprise of their own on top of the name of the city, the woman we had rescued, the one I had talked to through the glass, ruled the city, and had for millennia. I very much liked her but there are only so many ways one can “live” for as long as she. I am not eager for a reunion.

Following the well ordered streets we found a building very much out of place. The hut of the hag, her warm cookies beckoned us with their smell. Something I was aware of far before the others. I had a hint of their scent at the gate.

Now here we sit, or as in my case lay. To hear more of the tidings of our home, and the ill that has befallen it. I sense I could stand as a man again but for the time being I prefer not to.

Clive's alternate ego....

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