The Start of the Leg Home?
Clive sensed that there was something unusual about the dream the night he awoke from when the ship returned to the mountain top. But what? The starry night and the drifted snows of the hunt seemed to be the place where the Mother and her children most often spoke to him. Here he was a disembodied observer, the wisp of a spirit, if any of the beings in the dream noticed his passing they gave no indication.

The symbolism of hunter and hunted were present but far more abstract. Masks, masks that hid the true nature of the wearer, not the true skins of the bearer. Clive sensed that the Mother herself was an observer, perhaps using him as her eyes.

Many more beings both allied and adverse to her ways filled the dream. Spirits, beings and vex all parlaying for advantage while the masks held at least part of their secrets safely. Many vex seemed to be so melded with other beings that the true essence of their being was corrupting them with a different taint. Even the "purity" of the vex seemed diluted.

Some of the whispers that the Mother seemed to be almost drumming into his mind were clear, others far more mysterious. Still they held the key to the Mother's will. The others held to some degree connections to the dream. Clive knew he must be very careful before probing beneath the masks of even his closest companions as doing so would in turn lift his own mask.

Session: Right Turn Clive. - Thursday, Aug 15 2013 from 12:00 AM to 3:00 AM
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