Things need not have happened to be true. Tales and dreams are the shadow-truths that will endure when mere facts are dust and ashes, and forgot.
'Quick' recap since last session:

  • Thorgar blessed himself, sundered his warhammer, and cast Spiritual Weapon. He beseeched the Mother to let him control the holy sword Gwydain, up on the ship.
  • This failed, but instead summoned Gwydain to him. He can now wield it, and it has taken the following form:
  • Gwydain Lightgiver / Lighttaker: +2 Short Sword; treated as a (lawful) demon for purposes of spells; in presence of Chaos, glows as if just pulled from the forge (brighter depending on how powerful the Chaos) - while glowing, +1d3 damage; on a natural 20, severs a being's tie to the world (ie: banishes/slays it).
  • Clive drove off the minion of Shiraz which was attempting to negotiate with us.
  • Thorgar cast Holy Sanctuary. On the first attempt, he only got a 15, but on the second attempt, he got a 32. He used the resulting 10,000 square foot area to incorporate the fleeing ship (then just a speck on the horizon), making it a permanent holy sanctuary (and stopping Shiraz' minions if they attempt any further hostile actions vs. Jack or Jake).
  • Clive then flew off to Mountaintop with the elf chick, while Thorgar and Adric began to fly off after the ship. The ship soon pulled away from them due to it's superior speed. Thorgar cast Second Sight, and got a general idea where the ship was heading (towards Shiraz's tomb).
  • Thorgar and Adric needed to rest part-way there, and found a safe-seeming place high up on a sheer cliff. They both dropped off to sleep, and woke up in the Contillion of Somnus (god of dreams). Specifically, they could move around and had all their stuff, but could still see their bodies, sleeping on the cliff face.
  • They were invited in, but were stopped by guards, who said they needed to be wearing masks... like the rest of the guests. Adric asked for a bird mask (like one of the guards)... which appeared in his hand. Thorgar asked for a faceguard as on a war helmet, but seemingly made of fine, brittle light-blue crystal. They put on their masks and entered. Adric tried taking his mask off again briefly, and sensed he would wake up if he continued.
  • In the foyer, they saw many vaguely familiar people milling around, and overheard snippets of conversation. They were informed that they had until thirteen chimes ('dings') to find Somnus, and be granted their heart's desire. As they passed through later rooms, 'dings' would sound when passing a door, or interacting with various encounters. They saw three doors, and took the west one. Conversation: "T Rex's name is Thule: once a mighty sorceror"
  • They entered a room of dancers, with musicians playing up on platforms. Thorgar strode out into the room, attempting a dance like a military march, but stumbled, and fell through a floor seemingly like quicksand. The wall of the room turned into a demon's face and sucked him in. Adric let himself be sucked in as well, to follow (a 'chime' sounded for each of them being sucked in). Conversation: "Azagoche will tip the balance of the coven back".
  • They found themselves in a hallway stretching left and right on into infinity. Thorgar tried flying some ways, but saw no apparent difference. He tried again with his eyes closed: no luck. He then turned around and walked backward... another ding sounded, and a peephole appeared in the wall. They both drank gaseous form potions and went through the peephole, after spying out the room first.
  • They found themselves in another room of dancers... this time with swords, and performing dangerous-seeming maneuvers. Still in gaseous form, they crossed the room & tried to pass through the door. Adric turned back to normal (another ding sounded), while Thorgar was able to pass through. Adric then opened the door and followed. Conversation: "The angry are angriest before the end of an age"
  • They found themselves in a large room with an outside and inside section. In the outside section Thorgar chatted with a female dwarf... and afterward turned into a female dwarf himself. They found their way blocked by locked double-doors to the north.
  • In the inner section, they spoke with a cat who gave them the following riddle, and disappeared: "mouse and moth, hare and frog: name each to each, and turn back time". This corresponded with animal statues in the room... Thorgar touched each statue and said the corresponding name: "Cat - Mouse", "Owl - Hare", "Heron - Frog", "Bat - Moth". This 'good' ding signaled time turning back... basically countering one of the previous dings.
  • They read some writings on some of the doors in the room, and passed on to the east. Conversations: "Korpu have served the toad fiend before, and shall again"; "The Falling Star sails still"; "You're Agzag"?; On doors: "Here passed I, en route to unknown - CAD., RC., 1927"; "I dreamed in this place, Rand Cart"
  • They passed through another room of dancers... this one a complex group dance that they were unable to pass properly... they ended up shoving their way through the dancers and taking a 'ding'.
  • They arrived in a feast-room, packed with many exotic dishes. An emaciated man led the feast, and bid Adric to try the 'pixie wings'... they're delicious, said he. Adric ate the, and got +1 Luck, but also a ding. Thorgar at some Dragon Tail, and also got +1 Luck (but no ding). They asked the man about a silver key on an adamantine necklace he was wearing. He asked them to name the sleeping giant... Adric luckily remembered it written on the wall of the peephole they passed through, and they got the key. Conversations: "Megalon is a house-shaped beholder"; "The shadow-rats worship a ruby the size of your head"; "Severak watches Lucky - his chance will come"
  • They returned to the locked double-doors, and used the key to pass through. They entered a room of dancers passing from east to west... along the way turning from infants to dead bones. Thorgar had a bad feeling about flying over a dark pit, so they flew up the east stairway instead, and met Somnus. He bid them to step forward and state their wishes.
  • Thorgar wished to rescue Lucky Jack and Blind Jake - recovering the ship and foiling Shiraz's minions in the process. Somnus told him: "The deamon's name is "yyraggxag", command him"... he then woke up. Presumably Adric wished for something as well, then woke up.
  • In the aftermath, it sounds like we may be able to return later, as we had a few 'dings' left, and hadn't yet explored all the rooms.
  • Thorgar and Adric flew away from a large, strange creature (size of a horse, cross between an alligator and a bear?) watching them where they lay, and arrived at the tomb (using Second Sight to help home in on it).
  • Thorgar got close enough to call 'yyraggxag' (the daemon on the ship's prow), and command it to "bring the ship to us, and then free Lucky Jack"). After a short delay, it did so... with Shiraz's minions nowhere in sight (fled? destroyed?)
  • Thorgar healed Jack from his wounds sustained on the rack, and they found Blind Jake with a nasty wound on his chest... and turned into a Vampire! Thorgar pondered his fate... the Mother surely would not suffer a vampire to 'live', but if there were a way to save him? He also pondered the nature of Shiraz's minions... What power allows them to teleport around in this way? How much do they know about our ship? What were their plans for Shiraz's belongings, and for Blind Jake?
  • The group flew the ship back to Mountaintop, to chat again with our 'monk' friend over a hearty dinner. Thorgar plans to regale him with tales of the dream world, to see if any of the conversations mean anything to him... or if his reactions to any of them reveal anything about himself.
Session: What? I said I Got Your Ship...... - Wednesday, Jul 31 2013 from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM
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Holy crap. I think we have a novelist. I'll read this one tonight.
So the Demon's name is Gary?
I think some of his former business associates/gaming buddies would think so.
You tell her that she is called Gary, I'm not. Good luck with yyraggxag!

Old blind Jake might be cured of his newly acquired affliction if he desires it so.
You guys ate so much peyote.