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A long and arduous trek
As I finally sit down in my armchair with my scroll and quill, I'm finding that this journey that I have undergone has drained me of my energy. After doing battle with several wights, I became incapacitated, and found I could not do things I had formerly been able to do. So after our tale under the Castle ended, myself and my ranger companion headed off to find our masters. On the way and among our tromping in the woods, we stumbled upon several Bug Bears, one of which incapacitated me yet again by hurling a boulder at me with all its might, and broke my leg. We were able to make it out safely, and continue our journey.

Once we arrived at our destination, we found our masters, and received some much needed healing and restoration. Once back to fighting shape, I trained for a week or so to gain back the abilities that I need to be able to take on foes such as wights again. Also, I showed my enchanted weapon to my elven master, and he explained to me that it was made as one of many designed to be able to combat things of the witch king's creation, and there could be several others in similar circumstances if we take the time to search for them. However, he seemed to think that our best chances of acquiring more of such weapons lied in going to Elrond himself.

We then departed from the camp, and set forth on the journey back to Threshhold, which took about another week, and leaves my tale where I sit in my armchair now. And as for myself, I am off for much needed sleep.
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