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Threshold by Dark and by Day -or- "local fame leads to new employment"
During the week after the two rangers departed for the north, the unpredictable group of fellow adventurers discovered their small adopted hometown. Orssis honed his skills while Fernina helped local shepherds recover the small flock that had been "liberated" by goblins. The humble family gave her in payment an old cloak with special properties. Daor and Inamorta entertained the loggers on their way to work (as well as a few of the town guard) and made some coin. Meanwhile Orssis seemed to come into some coin on his own, by some means (?)

As the week developed, so did the many new opportunities for locally famous wight-slayers. Sinar the Elf wanted delivery of a wedding gift to Selenica, an elven settlement east of Tharbad. An easterling or southron merchant wanted to recruit the party to visit the Manor of Arkayz, a famous local sage, who wants them to visit something called The Rock. The party arranged to go to the manor on the day the rangers would return. Malhavock agreed to undertake a Quest for Baron Halaran as repayment for raising Fernina. The local gentleman and contractor for mercenaries, Mr. Arcadia, reached an agreement with Daor to secure his "special" protection from assassins. Almost immediately, the party thwarted one assassination attempt in the Woodpecker Inn and another the next night at the home of Arcadia. The would-be assailant carried several interesting items. Arcadia was impressed enough to allow them access to his kitchen and to offer passage for the group to Tharbad aboard his small merchant vessel.

Meanwhile, Gordon secured a contract from the Baron to build a defensive moat around the town's timber walls. The project is to begin within the year. The half-orc barbarian managed to stay out of trouble in town, largely by confining his activity to the Woodpecker Inn and its tavern.
Session: Game Session - Saturday, Jul 13 2013 from 6:00 PM to 12:00 AM
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