I just don't know...
I've been with this group for a few weeks, getting to know them, but none of them really getting to know me. I find myself unsuited for the adventuring and yearn to join my brethren back on the fields of war, but I'm having my doubts as both a leader and as a soldier.

Ever since being freed from the prison, my form has felt off. I haven't felt connected to anything and have felt rather distant. I even find myself just sitting down and being oblivious to those around me.

What makes me think these things is the choice I've to make. After returning the banner, I've learned of it's true purpose: to help the soldiers in the war. I learned that there were Storm Giants there, and Elves - two things that very much need my attention. While this group does have an elf and a child half-breed, I don't find them in any immediate danger, whereas these Storm Giants could very well be the ones that slaughtered my people.

But, on the other hand, what if again I'm too weak? As I've stated, my form has been off and I don't feel connected with this rubbish blade. If only what I had wasn't stolen and broken, I bet my form would be spot on. I doubt my ability to lead and I doubt my ability to fight... do I wish to truly go to my death? 'Tis a foolish thing, yes, but I couldn't live with myself if I didn't go and it turns out Grom'Nik-al was there with his brutes as he slaughters more of my people and more innocents.

I've talked to a few members and they're worried about my well-being. Galgareth knows little of my past, but he knows where I came from and knows of my warrior-spirit. I shall spend more time to reflect upon this and ask more members of this group what their wishes would be.
While I do wish to leave, I don't wish to leave without their consent. I may be stubborn, but I'm no idiot.
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