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While returning to the Court of Stars, the Fellowship of the Wind was ambushed by bone needlers. After fighting of these foul beasts, they were tracked to their lair, an Imperial carriage that had been attacked and turned into a nest.

Upon investigation, the party was swarmed by dozens of bone needler babies. After defeating them, inside a box was discovered with Beorn's family crest on it. Inside was the deed to a castle.

Thoughts: There's gotta be a better way to handle initiative for mooks. There are just SO MANY of them....group initiative is how we handled it this session but that did kind of hurt the party..

Finding a stream, the party cleaned the bone needler juice off of their bodies, they spotted a fleeing, injured woman who fainted once she saw the party. After her awakening, she explained that she was a member of the Squirrel Lodge druid circle, and they had been attacked by orcs.

Asking her if there was some way into the circle besides just walking up to it, she told them of a secret portal to the center of the circle that could only be opened with a word in the druidic secret language. It was all very secret. Giving the PCs the "password" they entered the portal...

Thoughts: I'm actually getting to where I like the idea of rolling Icon Relationship dice during the story instead of at the beginning or end....
Session: Infestation Session 1 - Saturday, Jul 20 2013 from 1:00 AM to 5:00 AM
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