A Fallen Hero
Journal Entry #1

     I could say that these previous weeks have been about a fallen hero; a hero who was a warrior. Praised and buried, it was made very evident that he was very important and worthy of having the title “hero.” But another hero has fallen.

     The very large, mysterious ally who we referred to as “the big one,” has fallen in combat. As we were coming out of the tomb with the fallen Hero’s banner, we were confronted by trolls. We moved towards these enemies rather hastily.

     As the last of the trolls were engulfed in flames, I took a look around. There I saw a fellow comrade, lying on a bridge not too far. As I approached the body, I made it out to be “the big one,” my hunting partner. I sat there and watched as the child attempted to bring him back to consciousness. With a sudden jolt, his body lurched forward. It seemed odd to me, but I couldn’t be sure if that was supposed to happen. I looked again, and his body now lay there motionless. I knew something was now positively wrong.

     â€œWh...what’s w-wrong? Shouldn’t he be c-conscious by n-now?” I say this to the child, but she just looked at me with a sad look in her eye and shook her head. Everyone else is now standing around the corpse of what was an ally. We all lower our heads and give a moment of silence. At least, most of us did. The dwarf and the human were praying to some higher power of which I do not understand. Of my recollections, this one will be forever cast into my memories.

     Farewell fallen hero, for your contributions to our group were numerous. We are forever grateful for our fallen, masked ally. I feel as though our hunting sessions bonded us, in addition to the nights we usually spent watches together.

But alas...farewell

     After leaving the burial “island,” we met up with our old dwarven friend, Ballock. He seemed disappointed that he missed some action with us, but I didn’t think too much of it. I didn’t have much time to, actually. Not shortly after, a hooded figure appeared out of a magical portal in front of us, accompanied by several Orcs and Bug Bears. He claimed that he was the “right-hand man” of the Vampire Lord. I found this hard to believe, for the assistant of a being with such power would surely have been accompanied with more....powerful creatures. Of course, I was disappointed with it not being the Vampire Lord himself. I want my memories back very very much so.

     This figure demanded the Banner of the Fallen Hero. We of course wouldn’t give it to him, but it did provoke the start of battle. It was here that the child showed her prowess. The child set vines and branches up from the ground and trapped the enemies. This made it very easy for myself and the rest of the party to attack. The figure appeared to be a wizard, as it was trying to cast some sort of spell. One of the healers, I believe, cast some sort of silence circle to stop the wizard from summoning. What surprised me greatly was the enraged dwarf, Ballock. Something must have made him very angry, because he charged right into the vines, and then threw one of his battle axes at one of the orcs!

     In the end, only one orc escaped into the portal. Every other enemy, including the wizard, appeared to be all dead. Quite a victory for us, but it is only a sign as to many more encounters like this in the near future, I believe.
Session: Vampire Lord Session #7 - Sunday, Jul 07 2013 from 7:30 PM to 10:30 PM
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