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Veterans of the Last War
Session One - Mark of Prophecy
The Ravens:

Capt. Garviel - Kalashtar Cleric
Srgt. Bastion - Warforged Paladin
Lo-Kag - Goliath Fighter
Tym - Tiefling Warlock
Malachai - Deva Invoker

The adventure started off with a flashback to the Ravens final mission of the last war. The Ravens were sent to investigate a tower that the Order of the Emerald Claw was said be interested in as well.

The tower turned out to be inhabited by Kruthik and Dolgrim. Battle ensued. After the monsters were dispatched, two prisoners were discovered. Captain Bren Ir'Gaiden said that he and his assistant had been captured by the dolgrim. The Dolgrim were using some kind of magical mark on the ground to torture the assistant.

With only time for a short rest, the Order of the Emerald Claw showed up and attacked the Ravens. As the battle progressed, a strange fog began to cover the land. By the time the battle was over, the Mourning has swept over Cyre and destroyed it utterly. The Ravens were cut-off from thier home. The Ravens attempted to penetrate the mist surrounding Cyre but are unable to make it very far. They managed to rescue some survivors, including Malachai who had become trapped by the advancing mist.

Four years later, the group has gathered in Sharn to participate in the day of remembrance for those lost in the Mourning. Bren Ir'gaiden, who offered the Ravens sanctuary after the war, invited them to his home to share in his Remembrance gathering.

A the gathering, a Mournland demon attacked. The Ravens were able to save most of people present and kill the demon. They were also able to determine that the Demon had been summoned and sent to kill them specifically.

The Ravens tracked the demon back to a townhouse at the base of the Dolannan tower. The townhome was guarded by an assortment of gang members, including orks, shifters, changelings and a dolgaunt. The second floor of the building housed some kind of unstable arcane machine. After defeating the monsters and disabling the machine, the Ravens discovered that Bren ir'Gaiden's assistant, Aric Blacktree from many years ago was behind it all. He had used dark magic to give himself an Abberant Dragonmark and planned to use the machine to destroy the Dolannan tower. He was on his way right now with a smaller version of he machine to destroy Mourngrave university.

Aric sees himself as Tarkanan reborn, and wants to take back Sharn for House Tarkanan.

The Ravens grabbed an air coach and headed to the university to stop Aric. Aric had somehow found out that his arcane device had been disabled and was waiting to attack the Ravens as they headed to the university. An aerial battle ensued with Aric and his Goblins using Skysleds to assault the Sky Coach. After much leaping between and hanging onto the edge of the skysleds, Aric and his minions were defeated.

Items Gained:
Bright Jewel of il-yannth +1
Mithril Scale +1
Warforged Plating +1
Rod of Deadly Casting +1
Cape of the Montebank +1

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