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Sovreign Host--Analysis and Threat Summary--REVISED
RE-EDIT Approved.

None Directional Lingering.


Agent Alias. CORGI (Halfling)
[See Index 2.2.5]
Keys [See Update Dated [update]]

CASTLE (warforged). See UPDATE 12.12 Deneith--Organization.


Wraith fighting captain. UPDATE Storm Giant, Primal [See Shaman, See also Summoned]

Shadow Serpent threat analysis not complete at this time. Additional report to follow. -- UPDATE DRACONIC PROPHECY FLAG [2.5.75--MAJOR X].


smashed wagons when field went up--still


Request. Agent. Field. Topographical review:
â—¾Daanvi, the Perfect Order
â—¾Dal Quor, the Region of Dreams
â—¾Dolurrh, the Realm of the Dead
â—¾Fernia, the Sea of Fire
â—¾Irian, the Eternal Day
â—¾Kythri, the Churning Chaos
â—¾Lamannia, the Twilight Forest
â—¾Mabar, the Endless Night
â—¾Risia, the Plain of Ice
â—¾Shavarath, the Battleground
â—¾Syrania, the Azure Sky
â—¾Thelanis, the Faerie Court
â—¾Xoriat, the Realm of Madness

{Process Violation in Process}

CODEX 1231: Temple of the Sovereign Host.
Unknown Location master mix undone redone update. See CODEX 13.

CODEX 1232: Priests of Transitions <<<removed>>>

Silver Flame. Return. Update. Undead Expedition--mission analysis confirmed. Field Promotions Approved. Resource Allocation Denied. Update. Denied. Status. Watson.
Session: House of Vol? - Thursday, Jul 11 2013 from 10:30 PM to 3:30 AM
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1 Comment

Ok - so, missing Griff was a bit of a hole, but I think even without him, the two warlords were reasonably effective. We did have some fun combinations in that fight.

I am always learning new things -- some of my powers just were too situational to be terribly useful, and I think I missed some opportunities to use one of them that I should just have flat out taken instead of waiting for a better set-up.

That said, we've got some synergies that worked, and we'll learn others. I just have to rethink my warlord's positioning. He's not the kind of character that really works well in the front rank. I need to get rid of Eladrin Swordmage Advance for something more useful. If he's using Fey Step, it shouldn't be moving into melee, but out of it. :D