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Monday Night BBF
Into unknown depths
The adventurers move into what appears to the the last room of the mines, they see a rope ladder leading into the depths under the mine that was the starting point for all this chaos

The adventurers move foward towards the edge of the hole to see if they can here movement below, unfortunately the rocks surrounding the hole are loose and began to give way ... luckily the adventurers all react quickly enough not to fall down the hole

The adventurers begin decending down the ladder and as they do notice an awful smell from below, this cause Aremil to cough and in doing so lose his grip on the ladder and he begins to fall. Some quick reactions allow Jon to catch him and they proceed down the ladder normally

Jarod also slips climbing down the ladder but manage to catch himself with his arm giving him some burns but halting his fall

The adventurers move forward through the caves under the mine, first coming across a room that appears to have been setup as a training room with several training dummies setup. Moving on they pass a kitchen with 4 female orcs huddled around a cauldron cooking what appears to be some vile brew

A little further up the corridor they come across what appears to be the leaders bed chamber, there are 3 female orcs sleeping the the bed .. again they decide to leave them be and move on

The next room appears to be a bit more of a challenge as it appears it is the barracks for the orcs living here and there are 8 orcs sleeping soundly. The adventurers decide to mount a surprise attack killing as many orcs as possible before they wake and can act.

Just to make sure the coast if clear Swaine creeps up the stairs ahead to see what is in the next room, as he approaches he hears chanting and upon reaching the chamber is greeted with the sight of 8 orcs praying to something else he the room he cant quiet see .. he decides there is no threat and returns to the barracks

The adventurers position themselves around the room then Swaine fires his sling cracking the skull of a sleeping orc, Jarod then lets loose 4 arrows, 2 make their mark but 2 miss. Jon fires his bow into the room and injures an orc, he cries out in pain and wakes up.

Aremil then joins the fray casting a spell that smothers the injured orc in his bed choking him to death, he tries to cast again but fails to have the concentration required to cast

Sam strides into the room delivering a mighty blow to the first sleeping orc he encounters crushing his skull, he then deflty swings his large maul around striking another orc crushing his ribcage, Sam continues to press striking out a couple more times but fail to hit

Swaine and Jarod change their focus to the orcs sleeping at the end of the room, Swaine his one but only manages to wound him. However Jarod has more luck and is able to dispatch of 2 more orcs.

Sam steps forward to finish the last orc, the surprise attack a success all 8 orcs lie dead having only managed to offer cries of agony as a defence
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