Well, that simply was outrageous.
I've never known so much grief in such a short amount of time. I've only been in this little rabble of people for about a week, and the amount of sadness I've witnessed is just something I won't ever forget, and never plan to.

I don't think father would've been very proud had he seen the horrible display of knowledge and tactile input I had used today. I couldn't solve a basic puzzle, and now I let one of my comrades fall; and he was a mighty warrior. He was very tall, very quiet... much like that of a silent guardian. It pains me very much because I knew nothing of him, yet treated him like that of filth because of how he stunk of orcish blood, one of the forces of the Vampire Lord. I had sworn Uliyr that I wouldn't let anyone in my company fall, not while there was something I could do, but that situation... I don't know what happened.

I had shown my weakness as a leader and a capable fighter by showing prejudice towards a fellow warrior, and I already regret it. But, the torment didn't stop there. After leaving the tomb and carrying our warrior-friend's corpse, we were stopped after a day's rest by the Right Hand of the Vampire Lord; a powerful magician. He was accompanied by a smaller task force of Orcs and Bugbears, which was an odd choice. Maybe he didn't consider us threatening, but that was his first mistake.

His second mistake was demanding the banner that we risked our lives to retrieve, and it irritated me. I forsook my oath to not show my shame and shackles, but it was too much. I didn't even voice my opinion on the subject, and I drew my blades and had revealed my face to the world again, and I think I may stop trying to hide myself, maybe it's for the best. This right hand man, Korvos? I forget his name, which is doubly odd considering how easily him and his forces were decimated.

Perhaps looking back on everything, I wish I had the clarity to revisit those days in the prison... maybe He would've taught me more about life and the suffering of war. Maybe I would've been more prepared for all this senseless bloodshed and war.
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