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Hit the ground running
As I sit here pondering over the happenings of the day, I find that our specific happenings on this particular rotation of the Earth were not quite as I pictured when I got out of bed this morning. Since last night I was informed by my companion Sylvia of the adventure was to ensue today, I was aware of the possibility of, but not expecting the true nature of events that were to unfold.

My aforementioned friend took me south and west to a castle owned by a man named Caldwell, where I was then introduced to our ragtag band of oddities (which by the end of the day I've actually grown quite fond of). After descending into darkness from a trapdoor, we were met by one rather suspicious "druid," who, upon further examination via dagger, was found to be a doppleganger. This being said, the druid that was formerly in our party was... well... defaced by this doppleganger before it faced its own demise. All while this was going on, I was in a rather, let's say, sticky situation with a gelatinous cube in the company of Sylvia and Gordon.

After the party came to our rescue and praying with the cleric to Thoth, we felt it was an appropriate time to rest up and gather our bearings. We then went on to explore farther into the depths of the dungeon, and encountered four men who apparently lost all sense of civilization in the weeks of their entrapment in the caverns. Our group managed to deal with this violent bunch rather quickly, and in searching one of the bodies, I acquired a sword of great power, with "Lich Hater" inscribed in Elvish.

A little more searching around took place, and then our wanderings led us single-file into a small cavern. In this cave a confrontation with 3 unusual hobgoblins took place, during which my newly acquired sword began shimmering as a vampire would in the summer sun. Although heavy casualties were taken, the three hobgoblins were eventually cut down quite literally by our forces. However, we decided that it was a grand idea to sever the heads from the bodies due to regenerative properties that we examined. To conclude our day, we gained a hefty amount of spoils from the back of the cavern, and divided them amongst the group.

Not a bad day, this one. However, for now I must return to the comfort of my bed, so that I may make tomorrow's adventure even more successful than today's.
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