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Greyhawk Wars
...and in The Master's chambers, they gathered
Being forced to carry on without their trusted mage Azol, The Greatest Party Ever moved toward the upper floors of the beehive-shaped greater temple. They first dispatched the major-domo of the temple, a man experienced in fighting within the specially mirrored great room. Still, this advantage proved to be of little value as Rook and Narellus brought him down with relative ease. Among his possessions, however was one of the Amulet's of Seeing. The party now knew that The Master knew they were close and would be prepared.

From there, the group bluffed their way past one of the temple high-priests and into The Master's chambers. Knowing they were coming, The Master had already cast his protective spells, including the highly effective Stoneskin. He also flanked his two pet tigers on either side ofthe stairs and his high-priest had moved in behind them. Impressed with the group's skill and dogged persistance, he made them an offer; "Join me as my new generals, and together we will build a new empire out The Bright Desert, and into the surrounding lands." When the party refused, he took to destroy them.

Driven by his hatred after his lengthy imprisonment, Nerellus moved first. He charged The Master and swung his heavy mace with deadly force, only to have it turned away by his foe's protecive magic. The Master reprised with the deadly harm spell. Nerellus was drained of his life and left with only enough strength to limp back to the group. Marialena moved next and used her newly acquired staff to bring up a wall of ice between the high-priest and the group, buying time for the party. Idon and Nessa used their healing magic to restore Nerellus and the opening round was over.

The fighting only grew more intense from there. The tigers were now in position to block the enteremce to the chambers, so Rook and Nerellus took the challenge of clearing them out; Nessa summoned her twin lions to support them. Marialena again used her staff, this time to summon an ice storm inside the chamber, which battered The Master and his big cats. With the group now fighting so close together, they became easy prey for The Master's offensive firepower. He first let loose with a flame strike, which brought Nerellus to his knees and burned Marialena to ashes. Idon was again called upon for his healing to keep his companions in the fight.

Round three was equally deadly. The tigers were still keeping the fighters from their main target and one had Rook pinned by the throat, allowing The Master another round with his profane spells. This time he targeted Rook with the feared destruction spell. If successful, the hero would have been burned to dust by unholy power. Fortunately he resisted, although still was heavily damaged. Finally, The Master was to feel some pain in this battle, as Idon cast his unholy blight spell. The Master took the full brunt of the holy magic and was both blinded and burned by its light. The tigers also suffered from the spell and combined with it, the mace of Nerellus and Nessa's lions they fell.

With the tigers out of the way, Rook leaped at the opportunity to get in close and fight The Master. His blades penetrated The Master's armor, only to be turned away by the stoneskin. Still not all of the damage was negated, and The Master felt the sting of steel cutting into his body. He responded with a blade barrier, which cut Nessa's lions to pieces and forced Rook back away from him. Nessa took aim at the blade barrier with her dispel magic and brought it down. At this time, the high-priest had breached the ice wall and moved in against Idon and Nerellus. The Master, seeing this used the opportunity to escape via his word of recall spell. With a final order to his priest, he vanished.

The holy man was able to do some damage to the group, and more importantly, forced them to use precious resources in defeating him. The Master had surely been using this time to recover, and would again be waiting for them...

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