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alcohol aho!!!!!!
i write this while i recover from a minor hangover due to an exhuberant consumption of alcohol and fine foods. the ragtag group has finally completed our initial quest of clearing the castle well all but one room which we found out was magically locked from that man caldwell the giver of the quest. he has now re tasked us with helping him with what lies behind the door.but before we venture on another arduous task we have all spent our time in this wonderful town called threshold. we encountered a somewhat inknowledgable barmaid i mean really a damned barmaid who doesn't know what whiskey is! i made due with a large consumption of ale however i am now always assumed drunk which i may be able to use to trick any enemies or rabblerousers into believing i am wasted beyond comprehension as caldwell did. ah one more thing i have managed to gain a familar a ferret as it were i can feel my powers amplifying thanks to him i shall halt writing in preparation for the task ahead
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