Crusher stood on the stern of the skimmer as the sun rose, watching Balic shrink in the distance. Balic was where he had been born and raised as a slave, and made his name as a gladiator, and he had always thought that one day he might return one day to live there as a free citizen after making his fortune working for Hargo Vole. Now he was leaving it all behind. Leaving behind his fame, to be remembered as a criminal and enemy of the city-state. Leaving behind old friends like Bazraag and Quan One-Eye and even loyal Pak'Cha. Crusher remembered Pak'Cha, his shell cracked and leaking ichor, leading the guards away to buy them time to infiltrate Ivory Dungeon. It would take more than that to kill the tough bug, but Crusher wondered if he'd ever see him, or any of the others, again.

And what was he leaving all of that behind for? A journey into the unknown on a skimmer he had bought passage on with the last of his wealth, accompianied by the same group of misfits who had got him into this trouble in the first place. And yet...

Tonight they had accomplished the impossible. Infiltrated and survived the horrors of the Ivory Dungeon, eluded capture by the First Legion, and slew a treacherous Praetor. Defied the will of Andropinis himself to bring Hargo alive through all of that. And now his companions talked of going to Tyr, where it was said the people had done the unthinkable and risen up to slay their own sorcerer-king. In times such as these, who was to say what could not be accomplished by a group of people with the talent and will to achieve it? For the first time since the long night had begun, Crusher began to feel a sense of hope.

But first they would have to escape from the Second Legions skimmers bearing down on them. When the warning was cried out Crusher made ready at the side of the skimmer, preparing to grab the first soldier who tried to board and fling him into the silt. The chase would not be easy for the pursuers, however, as one of their ships suddenly listed to the side and fell behind, and a gust of wind filled the sails of the fleeing skimmer.
Session: Session 33 - Sunday, Jun 09 2013 from 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM
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I love how Crusher is the only obe that mebtikns Pak'cha being left behind. Props, Gabe. Props.