I though my luck had turned for the better. The adventuring group that rescued me from that foul prison beneath the temple offered to let me join with them while they sought to destroy the Master. I would have my vengeance. At first, all seemed to be going to plan. We donned the robes of those we felled in battle and moved through the temple compound. Our cover gained us access to the gatehouse area where we took down a group of diviners and their ogre muscle. We also had the chance to smite two creatures from the outer planes that these demented clerics keep as guards. While my new companions were much more experienced than I, the wand Azol gave me proved to make me useful.

From there, we moved into the shrine and after locating a secret door, we gained access into a hidden part of the temple, and an unwelcome turn of events. Waiting for us was a powerful wizard. He seemed very young, but was experienced beyond his years. His powerful frame allowed him to withstand our magic and even Rook and Nessa in her giant form had trouble bringing him down.

When the combat ended and I entered the room, I was greeted with a terrible sight. Azol, our kind and brave wizard, had been turned to stone by our opponent's corrupt magic. My hatred for this place has been replaced by sadness. What will we do now? Surely we will be no match for The Master without arcane magic.
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The elf maiden speaks truly. This is a grievous loss and I'm not sure if we can complete our mission without our wizard friend. I feel a heaviness about my shoulders that shall not lift any time soon. Still, we must keep going.