The things below...
The unholy garden has been taken by the Mother as hers. What remains still stinks but has a more organic feel. At least we have a place to retreat if need be. A few rods further demonstrated that this is a very good thing to have.

I noted that if I never saw or smelled the sea again I could be content for the rest of my life. This goes for anything with tentacles as well. The Mad God we work against must hold these things holy because time and time again they seem to be springing up in the oddest places.

Thorin's armor worked well, too well. When two of the tentacled things grabbed him they nearly became his mill stone. Another horror "cursed" him to breath water, which was fine until he again was in the air. Jack had a temporary similar affliction.

Adric was lucky not to be dragged to the depths. It is good his bow returns to his hand as well. I am not sure anyone would really have wanted to fish it out of the water.

Jack was able to convince the horror, or at least the remaining horror, that its continued existence depended on it leaving us be. Between the garden, the pit trap and this "little pond" we are bridging I am beginning to appreciate the lack of persons returning to tell the tale.
Session: Knock Knock, Who's There?, Shiroz... - Thursday, Jun 20 2013 from 12:00 AM to 3:00 AM
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