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Monday Night BBF
Sneaking around, or maybe not!
The adventurers move further into the mine and hear some noises from ahead so they decide that Swaine will move ahead to determine what lies in wait! Swaine hears some snoring from the room to the left and a light coming from the room to the right.

After a brief discussion they decide to move quickly forward attacking both rooms at the same time, Sam and Jarod to the right, Swaine and Jon to the left with Aremil taking a position in the middle.

Jarod moves into the room and immediately sees and large orc wielding a whip watching some miners at work, Jarod reacts quicker than the orc and fires an arrow with unerring accuracy into the orcs head killing him instantly! As the others move into room on the left and light shows 3 orcs sitting in chairs and 5 sleeping on the floor, the 3 orcs react immediately the first swings at Jon, lukcily he manages to jump out of the way. Another orc swings at Swaine however his attempt falls short of the mark.

Swaine steps back to fire his sling into the room, the stone hits the orc squarely in the chest killing him and knocking him back into the room, this makes enough room for Sam to be able to get past and move into the room. Sam begins his work quickly and pulverizes one of the orcs still trying to wake up, his second swing misses so he takes a small step back to avoid being surrounded.

Jon fires an arrow at one of the orcs wounding him slightly, he then drops his bow due to the closes quarters and draws his sword but the swing at the orc misses as the orc dodges athletically, this gives him the opportunity to strike at Jon's flank however he fails to strike his target

Jarod now moves to fire into the room to the right, his first arrow hits and orc in the chest killing him instantly, he takes another shot but the orc now more awake dodges out of the way

Aremil casts a spell which conjures a wall of swirling blades which cut into the orc facing Jon finely dicing him to death.

Sam moves on the 2 remaining orcs and deftly takes them out, the room is again silent

Bouyed by the quick victory the adventurers move yet further into the mine and see another left/right tunnel up ahead so decide on the same tactics, Jarod and Sam take the right side this time with Swaine and Jon taking the the right, again Aremil takes up a position in the middle

As Jarod and Sam move into the room they find themselves faced with 2 orcs carrying whips, the first orc strikes and Jarod and hits him causing a stinging welt across his skin, the orc tries for another strike however manages to wrap the whip around his foot and falls to the floor

The second orc strikes at Sam however Sam reacts quickly and brings his maul up in front of him, the orcs whip wraps around the maul allowing Sam to pull the whip from his hands. Jarod draws his bow and shoots the orc laying on the ground killing him, he then takes a risky shot at the one fighting Sam however fails to hit and luckily does not hit Sam either.

Sam strikes at the defenseless orc and kills him with one blow.

The adventurers find some miners in the other room, a young man named Corbin introduces himself as an engineer in the mines and thanks for adventurers for saving him as his friends, unfortunately he can not provide much information but tell the adventurers some miners were take by the orcs for some sort of sport

On leaving the room they continue forward, soon however there here orcs yelling and cheering ahead of them ... seems like the adventurers have stumbled on that "sport"
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You are going to have to create an NPC of " the DM" - the space should make it appear first - before Elwin writes some more. I think he's caused enough trouble. ;o)
I have sent them as message to ask why this is happening, is a bit annoying .. maybe I should set up a Facebook page for Elwin to expand his horizons ;-)