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Monday Night BBF
Hi ho of to kill orcs we go!
The adventurers begin to move into the mines, however Swaine stays behind to guard to the entrance in case more orcs approach the mine from outside.

Sam lights his torch then lights Jon's for him before proceeding forward into the dark mines ahead. As they approach the end of the first corridor then can see a room to the left and a passage leading off to the right, there seems to be some feint noises coming from the right so the adventurers decide to investigate the room first.

It appears this is simply a cloak room to store and retrieve cloaks for protection against the elements outside, Aremil finds some gold in one of the cloak pockets but decides to leave it behind .. the adventurers proceed down the corridor to the right.

As the adventurers advance down the corridor the sounds get clearer and it sounds like the smashing of crates, the adventures decide to send the light in ahead of them and string an attack. The orcs are immediately alerted by the light source however Jarod is quicker and drops once with a well place shot to the head, he re-aims and takes another one in the chest.

Jarod moves to the side of the corridor to let a charging Sam pass him, Sam quickly lays into the first orc crushing his skull then with a quick reverse blow smashes his heavy maul into the chest of an orc crushing the life from him ... 4 orcs lie dead and the room is silent

The adventurers proceed up the corridor to what appears to be a mechanic shop for the repairing of faulty equipment, there is also a couple of rooms leading off this one .. the one to the north has a trail of blood leading to it.

Jarod and Aremil go to investigate the room to the west, as Jarod leans to peer into the room through the broken door some loose masonry falls on his head giving him a small headache, Aremil however pulls him up and he is ok. The room itself appears to be a supply room and contains very little of interest.

Meanwhile Sam and Jon investigate the room to the north and see the blood trail was created what is now a dead miner who seems to have crawled in here in last vain attempt to save his life as this appears to be a medical station. Jon finds a sack under the miners corpse with some money and gems in it but decides to leave it where it is, the only other thing worthy of note appears to be 3 vials of alcohol which Sam takes as they could be used as make-shift explosives.

The adventurers continue to move further into the mines and hear some movement coming from the room of to the right ahead, they talk about how to approach the room however decide that the light source will give them away so they move in with Jarod moving to one side of the door and Jon the other so they can fire in with their bows.

Jarod can see one orc across from him in the room, he fires and arrow but the orc manages to dodge out of the way however a second arrow takes him firmly in the chest downing him instantly.

Jon can see another orc opposite him and also fires his longbow, this orc also manages to dodge but the second arrow takes him in the shoulder but he still lives to fight on .. Jon fires a third arrow to try and finish him off but unfortunately his shot is wide of the mark.

The injured orc moves out to attack, crossing Jarod's path first he decides to strike at him but misses. 2 orcs appear from around the corners of the room, 1 attacking Jarod however in his haste he fails to find firm footing and stumbles off balance, whilst the other strikes at Jon however fails to land a blow.

Sam moves into the melee and strikes down the injured orc with a blow from his maul, he then turns his attention to the orc that stumbled and strikes a blow but now with enough force to take the orc down .. Sam follows up with another strike but this time misses.

Aremil steps back from the fight to cast a spell but fails to form the words correctly and the spell does not cast, he frantically tries again but something goes wrong and he feels a pain build up in his mind causing him to have to retreat and unable to focus properly

Jarod now in melee combat drops his bow and draws his sword, he strike down the orc that stumbled in front of him .. Sam steps in to finish the remaining orc that faces Jon with a strike to the back of his skull

After the fight is done the adventurers hear a voice calling out from one of the carts and then see a relieved halfling emerge. He tells them he is one of the miners and managed to escape and was hiding from the orcs but they almost found him until the adventurers intervened.

He tells them his name is Siman and thanks them for the help and promises he will see them appropriately rewarded should they meet him in Tenkar afterwards, however right now he just want to get out of the mine to safety. Jon gives him one of the crossbows and the adventurers bid him farewell and a safe journey.
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Did Aremil recover after the fight ceased?
Yes it was only for 6 turns, so soon after combat the effects would have worn off .. luckily it was not a fireball or something that could have been nasty!