Curiosity killed the cat... or Elf in this case.
I have been stalking these people for a few days, watching their movements and seeing what they are capable of. It's remarkable to me that such people exist in this world. Not only did they manage to find the tomb and figure out the secret, for the most part, they also managed to kill a group of bugbears. Although one of them died and the rest were wounded severely, I feel like they might manage.

There is a tall man who smells of orc who bears a giant weapon and an ancient wooden mask. It makes me sick that he would be allowed to travel among these, but perhaps there is more to him than my simple observations have accounted for. For now, I shall keep my eye on him.

The dwarf, however, reminds me of Kaz. The way he swings that weapon like it's nothing and being a protector of the innocent in his group. He holds much respect from me, and I hope I get to meet him soon...

There are also these two others, an elf and a half-elf. The other Elf, male, is an archer. He seems like a crack shot and seems rather capable. The half elf, female, is yet but a child but is attuned with nature. Very intriguing.

The last is a female human. She seems to exert a holy presence. It's nice to see a priest walking freely, such a thing was not allowed in my clan.

I hope to meet up with them as soon as they figure out the secret to open the tomb, by then I shall travel with them and venture into the tomb to stop the corruption. Perhaps something shall be down there to aid my conquest to get more power... perhaps even something as simple as minor power to retrieve my blade, Cloud's Haven.
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