The Druid always told me to watch my surroundings and to pay close attention to those around me. I have done just that. The people in the group i'm traveling with, well some of them at least, are a bit out of the ordinary. I still can't believe they let me travel with them. I hope to learn much.

There is the one who had claimed to be just an archeologist. I could tell from the beginning that she was a bit more than what she was telling us. Found out later that I was right. .... she wanted to keep me as a pet!!!!

Then there is the tall one. He doesn't sit very well with me especially since a squirrel confirmed that he isn't just an overly tall guy from one of the regular races. The squirrel said this other race that I still don't think is quite possible but yet it would make sense.... I don't think he will cause a big problem but I'm still weary of him.

The Cleric is very motherly and helped look after the kids when we got to the makeshift camp.

The others seem nice enough although some did protest me joining them on the adventure. I hope they don't regret bringing me along. I can be of use to them.
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