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Monday Night BBF
We have a plan?
The adventurers talk among themselves trying to devise a plan to move on the orcs guarding the mine, it is decided that Swaine will move forward to investigate ... Swaine begins to move stealthily towards the first building. Upon reaching the building he looks inside to see it looks like some sort of repair/equipment storage area, he moves on towards the building behind it.

In this building Swaine sees what looks like and office with several desks inside, he does detect a small amount of movement over by the cabinet on the far wall but cant quite make out what is moving inside. He decides to back track a little and cross towards the final building, as he does so one of the orcs starts to move down the path towards them but then goes inside the building Swaine is sneaking to, upon reaching the building Swaine sees it looks like a mess hall and the orc has gone to get some food ... Swaine returns to the adventurers to report on what he has seen.

The adventurers discuss what to do and decide to create a illusionary distraction to draw the orcs out and that they would move forward to positions either side of the main path ambush the orcs as they investigate the illusionary sounds and approaching wagon. Jarod and Aremil move towards the repair shop, Aremil stopping at the corner to give line of sight for the illusion whilst Jarod creeps around the back to flank the orcs. Swaine moves to hide in the trees south of the mess hall with good sight of the road and Sam and Jon decide to move towards the mess hall.

As Sam and Jon approach the mess hall Sam accidentally kicks a rock clanging off the side of the mess hall, at the same time the orc is leaving .. he stops and starts talking to another orc by the entrance .. Jon does not see Sam as stopped and trips over him falling to the floor but quick reactions stop him for hurting himself .. luckily the orcs are too busy arguing to notice.

Swaine casts a spell to create the sound of approaching horses and Aremil provides and accompanying visual illusion, the plan works as the 4 orcs playing a game move from there positions to investigate and 2 from the entrance move around the buildings into flanking positions.

Jarod moves around the back of the office and meets and orc coming the other way, he reacts quicker and takes the orc down with a couple of arrows but not before he shouts out to alert the others. Sam and Jon are hiding behind the corner of the mess hall looking towards the road, this allows an orc from the mine entrance to get the drop on them, he throws he handaxe at Sam but it narrowly misses thudding into the wall of the mess hall ... alerted to the danger Sam shoots him with his crossbow wounding him, a follow up shot from Jon finishes him off.

Jon moves to the corner of the building sees another orc approaching, he fires his crossbow but misses ... Jon decides to drop the crossbow and retreat drawing his sword as he does so.

Jarod holds back expecting another orc to approach after the yell from the first one, the orc appears around the corner of the building .. a well placed shot from Jarod strikes the orc in the heart killing him instantly.

The orcs on the path have been alerted to the sound of fighting and turn to see what is going on, unfortunately Aremil is spotted and one of orcs immediately moves in for the attack however Aremil is very quick on is feet and very deftly dodges which sends the orc stumbling off balance giving Aremil and free strike at his back ... Aremil casts a spell and spears rain down killing the helpless orc.

With no other attackers visible another 2 orcs from the path charge towards Aremil whilst the remaining orc runs towards the entrance of the mine hoping to sound the alarm. The first orc swings his short sword at Aremil but his cut misses the mark, however Aremil is pressed by 2 foes and is unable to anticipate them both .. the second orc drives his blade deep into Aremil's side wounding him badly. Aremil runs behind the offices in retreat.

Swaine fires his crossbow from the cover of the trees striking down the running orc and stopping the alarms from being raised, meanwhile Sam comes around the south corner of the office in time to see Aremil running from 2 orcs so he sprints after them and with one mighty strike of his maul crushes them both!

Aremil and Swaine move towards the office to investigate as it seems the battle is done, Jarod and Sam move towards the entrance of the mine. However Jon still battles on behind the mess hall, Jon and the orc swing at each other failing to land a blow .. finally the orc hits Jon but he is quick enough to bring his sword up to deflect the blow. The sounds alerts Sam that Jon is still in trouble and he moves to assist hitting the orc in the back of the head but failing to bring him down .. Jon still can not purchase a blow, a second solid strike from Sam silences the final orc.

After the fight is done Aremil manages to unlock the door to the office and inside they find a scared man who claims to be the clerk and says his name is Ichabod. He has relatives in the mines but is too frightened to do anything about it, he is no hero thats for sure. He assures the adventurers that he can travel to Tenkar to alert the families there and bring help as soon as he can ... the adventurers agree and give me some food before moving towards the entrance of the mine.
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Good write up. One error though, it was Jarod and Sam who went to the mine entrance in the penultimate paragraph. Aremil can't have been watching the entrance and picking the lock on the office at the same time!
Did I forget to put this bit in where Aremil cast a spell changing Jarod into a clone of himself as elves are just useless!? ;-)

Ok, it has been changed, thanks for that spot :-)
Zzzzzzzzzzzzz.... sorry did some say something..? ;-)