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Monday Night BBF
Surprise Attack!!
The adventurers wake up from a restful stay at The Travelers Inn, they eat well and prepare for the journey ahead make some new purchases at the blacksmith to help them in the adventures ahead, also a saddle for the newly acquired horse named Nipper

After some discussion they decide to leave the wagon at the farm, the woman they saved earlier has no problem with them storing some of there stuff there whilst they travel to the mines

The adventurers set out following the directions given to them by Jon Cooper, it will take about 1 1/2 days to travel there directly cross country or near 5 days if they decide to follow the road ... time they do not have so they decide cross country makes the best sense. One the first day they travel for afternoon and camp for the night, Sam tries to light a fire without success, Aremil has better luck ... thought it is a dirty business he would rather not have had to do!

The adventurers decided to take watches but the night passes without event, the next morning they continue on their travels however after a few hours of traveling there is the sudden sense that they are being watched .. Jarod decides to scout farther ahead to see if he can spot anything.

As Jarod scouts ahead he fails to see 2 orcs hiding in the trees waiting in ambush, as he passes they open fire with their crossbows allowing Jarod little time to react .. Jarod takes a bolt in the leg and one in the side! Now alert to their presence Jarod swings around and fires his bow taking one of the orcs directly in the head and killing him instantly, he fires again but in his haste fumbles his bow. Swaine then casts a spell and sends the second orc to sleep.

A guttural voice is heard barking orders from the tree ahead, Sam moves forward to see where this noise is coming from however he fails to spot the 2 orcs hidden off to the right. The orcs spring from cover and fire there crossbows at Sam's back giving him no chance to doge a bolt hits him in the back, a second bolt hits him in the leg

A third orc steps out from the left hand side and fires his crossbow at Jon but his shot goes wide, Swaine casts a spell that sends this orc to sleep#

Jarod retrieves his bow firing an arrow at the orcs attacking Sam, the first shot takes an orc directly in the heart dropping him instantly .. the second shot hits the other orc in the stomach badly wounding him but he stays on his feet. Jon charges toward the orc, he has not got time to draw his sword so he punches the orc hard in the face and he goes down.

Meanwhile the source of the guttural voice reveals himself as a large orc steps out of the trees ahead to confront Sam, he is weilding a mean looking morning star and growls menacingly at Sam before taking a mighty swing. Sam desperately tries to parry however he can not get his heavy maul up in time the orc knock the maul wide striking Sam in the chest .. Sam is now off balance but tries to deflect the second blow. The blow is mighty however a strikes Sam viciously in the side cracking bones and leaving a large cut, Sam is very badly injured and seeks to retreat but manages to strike the orc as he does so.

As Sam steps out of the way Aremil casts a spell that produces a volley of spears however he still has not perfected the spell and the spears fall harmlessly short. Swaine fires his sling hitting the large orc on the shoulder, injuring him but not slowing his pursuit of Sam .. however a second well place shot hits the orc in the head cracking his skull and silencing him forever!

The adventurers gather the sleeping orcs and once awake begin to question them however the orcs don't respond, Aremil casts a spell allowing him to speak in orcish however this yields little more conversation other than the trading of a few insults. The adventurers decide the orcs are of no further use to put them to the sword.

The adventurers bandage their wounds as best they can but Sam is injured well beyond a simple bandaging. He remembers the potions found in the crypt and decides to try his luck in the hope that healing will be provided, Sam chooses to imbue the red potion and immediately feels fire in his blood and tingling in his skin .. the wounds begin to close .. luck is with Sam on this day

The adventurers retrieve the crossbows from the fallen orcs and move cautiously towards the mine, on approaching they see several building flanking the mine and outside the entrance 4 orcs stand on guard whilst 4 more are sat at a table playing games

The adventurers discuss the best course of action ....
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I have uploaded the map Trouble At Karams Claim the files area if you want to reference this to plan your next move :-)
I can clearly see that the animals I thought I saw from a distance are in fact rocks...