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Monday Night BBF
Hunting can be dangerous!
The adventurers leave the crypt gathering what treasure they can and loading up the wagon recently acquired from Mikel Irons and then discuss what they should do following the discovery that the town elders betrayed the ghostly women!

After a long discussion in the rain the adventurers decide they will stop off at the now deserted farm and rest up for the night, with Sam eager to finally eat the free food they were given in the town.

Upon reaching the farm Jarod decides that bread and cheese is not quiet enough to satisfy his hunger and announces to the others that he is going to go hunting in the woods near the farm.

Jarod finds that hunting in the bad weather is not easy, the rain has washed away most of the tracks and most wildlife seems to be taking shelter .. then he spots some movement in the forest ahead of him. Just as he is distracted by this movement he hears a whoosing sound from behind him, turning just in time to see a spear whip past him and into the tree behind him, a goblin is a few feet away but seems to have stumbled from the energetic throw!

Jarod quickly draws his bow and fires an arrow into the goblins head killing him instantly, however the distraction has allowed another goblin to sneak behind Jarod .. the goblin strikes with his short-sword hitting Jarod in the side, his armor provides some protection but not enough to stop him getting a nasty wound.

Jarod draws his sword and swings at the goblin, through pure reaction the goblin raises his blade and deflects the blow, Jarod strikes again but somehow the goblin franticly deflects the second blow whilst peddling back under the onslaught! The goblin strikes back but this time it is Jarod who deflects the blow forcing the goblins sword out wide to provide Jarod with an opening ... Jarod strikes the goblin down with a cut across his chest.

The fight is won, Jarod however feels weary, his wound seeping blood. A quick bandage stems the flow a little but Jarod decides hunting is over for the day and returns to the farm to rest and recuperated with the other adventurers.

The adventurers rest for the evening and set out at first light for Moordoth agreeing to see Elwin first to collect the award then tell there story in the evening in The Travelers Inn. The meeting goes well with Elwin and business is concluded to the satisfaction of both parties, the adventurers make sure that Elwin will be at the inn tonight to hear the full story .. the stage is set!

In the evening the adventurers tell there story as planned at The Travelers Inn, as expected there is outcry from the villages and Elwin stands up and tells his story.

"Fifteen years ago the village of Moordoth was attacked by a dragon. At first it was just cattle that disappeared. The leaders of the village sent messages to a nearby baron to ask for aid, but the request went unanswered. When the first child was taken, the villagers finally decided to act.

The most able-bodied men struck out with poorly-made weapons and armor. They tethered a cow as bait atop a high hill and waited. When the dragon came, it laughed as it toyed with the would-be ambushers. It slew some for sport, the others it drove to a point of near insanity as it did things to them best lost to the ages.

When the dragon finally departed it left the terror-stricken men with an ultimatum: “Deliver your women to me by tomorrow’s high moon and I will leave your village in peace. Do this not, and I will come back for ONLY you.”

The heroic thing would have been to sacrifice themselves to the dragon on the next night. But the men reasoned that the chaotic beast was lying and would never leave the village alone, so they made a terrible choice.

They returned to the village and lied, claiming to have subdued the dragon and forced it to flee. They held a great celebration. When it finally died out, they lured a handful of village women out to a high hill and toasted their victory. But they poisoned the women’s drinks, and they collapsed weak and weeping. With regret they tied the women to posts atop the highest hill and waited.

The dragon came, as it said it would. The men approached and begged the beast to keep its word. The dragon laughed and ate the women, claiming it would now kill the entire village as well. Then the dragon swayed and fell, dropped by the toxins now coursing through its blood. It was dead in minutes, poisoned by a half-dozen toxic maidens.

The men vowed never to tell the truth of their tale. They burned the body of the beast, and told a tale about the dragon returning and how they battled and slew it dead, but not until it ate the maidens."

The villagers thank the adventurers for uncovering the truth and decide that amongst them they will discuss what to do, as it is clear a crime was committed but this same crime also saved the village .. but was it there choice to make?!

It appears that the ritual chamber that held the star alignment spell is what caused the women to haunt the town, only with the truth being told could they finally be put to rest.

The villagers extended the welcome of the town to the travelers saying they could stay and rest as long as they needed, however due to not wanting to get caught up in the events that were due to follow they decided they would move on the next day.

That night the adventurers were woken by and man asking for there help, on following him they met a man who was badly injured and he told the story of the mines to the south being overrun by orcs and his work companions taking prisoner. He pleaded with the adventurers to help save his friends and free the mines.
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