The Fire Dancers
Crusher walked down the dusty streets of Samarah, heading to Quan's ranch on the outskirts of town. He wanted to check in to see how the retired gladiator and his son were doing. He was also looking to invest some of the coin he had earned recently. Gladiators with wealthier patrons were sometimes given enchanted items to improve their performance, such as bracers to increase their striking power or gloves that made it harder for their opponents to escape a grappling hold. Quan knew the trick of making them. Crusher had never been given any such item, but he had seen them in action in the arena, and well knew their effects. After barely surviving the ordeal in the ancient temple and battling the monstrosoties within, he was eager to seek any advantage in future combats he could gain.

The sounds of lively music drifted down the streets. Curious, Crusher followed the music and soon found a dancing troupe, accompianied by a small band, performing in the streets to earn some coin. Such sights were common in the cities of Athas, but something was drawing a larger crowd than usual to this troupe, and Crusher could hear gasps of awe coming from the audience. He easily pushed his way through the crowd to get a better view, and saw what had so impressed the onlookers. The dancers' bodies were aflame with tounges of bright fire. As he drew nearer, he could feel the heat coming from them, and realized that this was no illusion, though the dancers were unharmed as they continued their performance. Crusher watched on, mesmerized.

As he watched, he began to recognize some of their movements. They were similar to the moves that Pak'cha fought with, though adapted to entertainment rather than combat. Crusher opened his mind to the Way as Pak'cha had taught him, and sensed the psychic energy the dancers were channeling through their movements. The energy seemed to flow through a red gem that each dancer had sewn into their costumes, and from there ignite into flame. Crusher recognized this a ki focus, similar to the bazraag fang he used to channel psychic energy into his strikes.

Eventually the flames extinguished and the dance ended. One of the dancers, a young woman, approached Crusher with a sly grin on her face. "I saw you watching. Liked what you saw, I take it? How about a small donation?"

"Actually, I was thinking more about making a purchase." Crusher fingered the red gem sewn into her tunic.

The young woman tensed up briefly, then relaxed as she realized he wasn't talking about buying her as a slave. "Aww, you figured out our trick? These gems are our livelihood, I doubt you could afford what it would take to get one of us to part with one."

Crusher reached for his coin purse. Most would be wary of carrying so much coin openly, especially in a distracted crowd such as this one, but Crusher paid little heed to pick-pockets; few of them were brave enough to steal from him.

"I wouldn't be too sure about that," he said as a wide grin broke across his face. He felt sure he could duplicate the dancers' fire generating technique, and imagined what would happen if he did that while grappling with an enemy...
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