Harbek and the spirit-seed
It was an afterthought on the way back to Balic. Harbek still felt that fire deep within his spirit, stirring up his emotions into disarray. His encounters with the giants at North Ledopulous had lead him to believe there was a chance of a new pact. The might of the giants would bolster the strength of the twin settlements. Their focus changed... towards building reputation! All with his uncle leading, with the wisdom of a dwarf.

All those thoughts of a new day, vanished after leaving the temple. Harbek kept asking himself if he could remember any giants in Balic. A far'fetched idea, out of desperation.

"Desperation...?" Harbek thought to himself. "I've never been desperate. I focus my strength, maybe charge forward in a rage, but never needing to kill. I always wanted it THERE'S A DIFFERENCE!! Solaris and Sanguine may have some insight. I've seen them under the influence of something, not acting like their usual selves. Maybe they can help, after I get some rest."

Waking midday, after his late night shift, Harbek realized he had taken for granted his luck in the temple. It was an honor to have come in contact with those primal spirits. Something that will likely never happen again. But the seed remained. For all that had happened, was happening and will happen, the seed had to be found. In order to do so, he had to control his urge to hunt down giants.

"Solaris, when you have a minute, find me. I have something to ask you."
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Session: Back to the Dungeon - Sunday, May 05 2013 from 3:00 PM to 8:00 PM
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Solaris raised his eyebrow slightly, his curiosity piqued. "I am free now Harbek, what can I help you with?"
I have this urge... to slaughter, like I've never done before. I want to know how you control yourself. Not that you have a problem, but when you heal, you calm the mind. I want to know how I can teach myself. What do you do, when you do it?
"Control for me is something that was a product of my upbringing. We shields had it emphasised through our training that others depended on us and that to lose control was to potentially let them down and get your closest friends killed. A man who could not master his fear might break ranks leaving his friend exposed as easily as a man who could not master his bloodlust. This was emphasised even more so by those of us that were born into the shields rather than those recruited." Solaris pauses a moment to look down at his exposed arms and the silver lines that trace them. Understanding those concepts is likely the best thing you can do to try and maintain focus and calm in combat."

Solaris looks down at the silver running across his arms for a moment before they start to glow and his voice changes tone, "As for how we calm minds, it is in mastery of emotions. The power we share allows us to guide emotions and influence them, it is not a product of nature magic though and I fear such means likely would be beyond you. I apologize if this seems like a redirection but we are genuinely curious though as to when this urge to slaughter things began to affect you, Do you believe perhaps that you were afflicted by some malady of the mind in that... tomb?"
WHAT?! You think? I don't know... It doesn't fit for me. I'm no pushover for a mind-melt. And I get what you're saying about not breaking in combat, I get that. But what if something stuck with me? Not my mind, but my spirit? It's not defiling... It's different. It started when we fought that pale shaman in the room with the halfling town. You remember, right? I took that hit for you, from one of the shaman's guards. Could he have left a mark? Being out of there, it's the first time I don't sense any defiling left, I feel strong, strong enough to take on a half-giant.

Thanks for listening. This isn't something that come easy to me. This axe lasted me longer than any! I'm giving it up. If you want it, use it. Or maybe we can sell it if nothing else. I'm going to stick with the hammer for a while. It feels right.
Glancing momentarily at the hammer Solaris has a minor moment of clarity, "Harbek... that hammer is powerful, far more so than any other empowered weapon i've heard of. While i've not sensed anything like it directly influencing you... take care that it is you wielding it, and not it wielding you."
You think I can't handle a weapon like this?! Maybe I shouldn't have asked for your advice!
"Don't confuse words of caution with an insult harbek, you're wiser then that. You yourself sought another's insight based on what you've felt and noticed. While I won't claim you cannot handle your weapon, there are magics and relics of ages past capable of things we never knew or don't understand, our experiences within that tomb should be proof enough. Think carefully on this and know that would you find yourself needing aid in keeping yourself in check I am willing as always to help."
Sorry, I'm just, angry. I don't understand why. I know this hammer is something special, how do you know it's really that powerful? Did you sense that much? I need to heed your words, I'll try and be more aware of it. If you see me going over the top, use my given name... It's uhh, well don't spread it around, only use it if you need to. It's Braunkole, ok? I'll snap to with that.
"The power we sensed was unlike anything we've felt before. We aren't adept in the arcane and as such we cannot quantify it's power. We do know it's strength is there, a bright spot of power compared to the dull brightness of most mundane empowered equipment."
Pak'cha happens upon this conversation and makes a disgusted sound at the slender female, and the tall human. "Sanguine, Solaris leave Harbek be. He has taken hits for all of us. And stood when others had fallen... or should have. So long as his new.. feelings do not directly harm the clutch, they should be cultivated. Not shunned, and talked about. Would you like to worry over how I hit things as well, or shall we end this discussion until there is danger to actually worry about???"