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Monday Night BBF
What a big place this is!
The adventurers proceed further into the crypt however coming on the next junction they notice a terrible smell coming from the corridor to the north, upon further investigation they see a pack of 6 ghouls eating what appears to be the carcass of a cow. The adventurers discuss what to next, leave alone and check out the southern corridor or attack .. the decide to attack but this time sneak towards the unsuspecting ghouls!

Swaine and Jon carefully sneak into the room and let loose with a volley of stones and arrows, Swaine takes one down with a well placed hit whilst Jon's arrow flies true to take another one .. Jon quickly reloads and fires of a second shot also hitting his target.

Sam charges into the room with the thoughts of his poor show of the last fight maybe still on his mind, but this time to strikes true crushing the skull of one of the ghouls before it has time to react. Swaine takes another one down from range with his very effective sling, Aremil had cast a spell to create the illusion of others rushing in but on realizing how quick the fight was going drops the spell and charges in buoyed by his success in the last fight ... however on this occasion he trips and drops his sword ... how embarrassing!

After the surprise attack the ghouls finally come to there senses and one strikes at Sam, he manages to hit causing minor wounds .. the ghoul presses further trying to bite Sam but only gets a mouthful of armor for its efforts. Having drawn his sword Jon moves into the fray a kills the last ghoul be removing his head.

With all the ghouls dispatched the ghostly women suddenly appearing crying out in fear of what seems to be a dragon, after a while they calm and speak to the adventurers answering there questions .. it appears many years ago the women were lured to the hill by the men now the town elders and tied to the posts as sacrifice to the dragon to save the village from the attacks. The ghosts can not rest until the elders have admitted the truth of what they have done, the adventurers decide they need to confront the elders and will return to Moordoth to do so.

Once the ghosts disappear the adventurers look around the room and can see many plates, cutlery etc. made of silver probably worth a fair bit if collected but very unwieldy to carry so they decide to leave it. However there are 2 locked chests that are much more portable, Swaine quickly unlocks the first to find 200gp inside, unfortunately he is not so lucky with the second and breaks his pick in the lock but a couple of well placed blows from Sam's maul reveals the contents are the same.

They investigate the south passage to find it ends in a alcove where there seems to be what was once a potrait of the family hung on the wall, the adventurers believe there should be something more here but there searching finds nothing.

On the way back out of the crypt Jon decides to investigate the crystal statues and see if he can pry the red gems out of the eye sockets .. he manages this with ease however as this happens the statue suddenly comes to life and strikes Jon with his spear, Sam is alert and steps in and stops it with one mighty blow of his maul removing the head.

Sam decides the crystal head looks nice so he takes this after removing the red gem from the other eye socket, the adventurers head out of the crypt ..
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Sounds like a good haul of treasure. So whats the plan to get the town officials to admit to their guilt. And what about this Dragon! Sounds like he might still be around!