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Monday Night BBF
A Meal for Two?
The adventurers wait for Jarod to return before proceeding, however Jon returns in his place as it seems Jarod is better at calming the upset horse!

Moving down the corridor to the room with a blood trail leading to it the adventurers take up position, Jon moves to the other side of the doorway without alerting the ghouls in the room that are greedily eating two corpses than can be seen on the floor

Aremil casts an illusion of a wall between themselves and the ghouls in the room in an attempt to be able to move into the room without being spotted, they manage to move into the room but it seems one ghoul is not fooled by this magic ... Swaine quickly dispatches him with a vicious swing from his sling catching it square in the face and cracking its skull!

The ghouls now more alert move to attack, one of the ghouls tries to rake his claws at Sam followed swiftly by a bite however Sam manage to block the arm with his maul and move out of the way of gnashing teeth, Sam taken off guard swings wildly at the ghoul several times but they all fail to find there mark! Another of the ghouls strikes at Swaine and seems to have hit him, however through some good fortune at the last minute he moves out of the way.

Jon moves into the fray and delivers a great blow to the chest of one of the ghouls, surely this would have felled a man but the ghouls undead nature allows it to continue to fight even though its rib cage is carved open. Aremil drops the magic and draws his rapier however the thin blade fails to make meaningful contact.

The ghoul cut so so viciously by Jon lashes out with its claws narrowly missing him, however Jon's movement leaves his neck exposed and the ghoul bites into his flesh, immediately the feeling of fire courses through Jon and he is unable to move. Sam continues his dance with the ghoul neither able to find a solid hit, Sam is frustrated by his inability and raises his maul to strike forgetting the low ceiling, masonry loosens from the ceiling and falls on him giving Sam a headache for his efforts!

Aremil makes a perfect strike with his rapier piercing a ghoul straight through the eye killing it instantly, on retrieving his sword he seems the eyeball slide down the blade, disgusted Aremil drops his blade, however quickly moves to retrieve realizing there is still a fight to win. Sam continues to be frustrated by the cramped conditions and again with several swings is unable to strike any foe. Aremil produces some more fine swordsmanship and deftly pierces another ghoul through the back of the head.

The ghoul facing Jon bites at him again whilst he struggles to fight of the paralysis, Swaine seeing Jon's plight draws his dagger and moves to help however the fight has left a ghoul corpse in his path and he slips on the ghouls rotting flesh and almost falls but manages just to maintain balance. Aremil also moves to help Jon however just at this moment a stumbling Swaine cuts across his path forcing Aremil to suddenly have to draw back, he manages to but falls backwards as he does.

Jon seeing all this finds extra strength from deep within and manages to fight of the paralysis that seized him, immediately he raises his sword and skillfully decapitates the last of the ghouls ... the fight is won!
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Ok, I am pretty sure I missed the death of one of the ghouls here ... anyone know who and when it happened in the fight?

Note to self BETTER note taking!!
Think its Swaines ghoul - didn't Aremil run it through?

I note that Elwin is sending us mail today!
Sounds like a comedy of errors! Ha Ha.
Really not sure what is going on with the e-mail as I have it set to send out as GameMaster but it is taking the first NPC in the list, I removed Anna but now it is Elwin .. grrr!
I told you. The first fight was pure Key Stone Cops - we just lacked a badly tuned upright piano accompanying our movements and someone holding ornately bordered signs up like - "That's got to hurt". We have moments of inspiration followed by a dearth of inability.

Second was much more Noir Benny Hill.

Now do I raise my strength, save for a level in warrior or something else...
No you got all four ghouls - Swaine hit the first one in the head with his sling (the one confused by the wall), alarmingly Aremil poked out the eye of the one attacking Swaine and skewering the one attacking Sam, the last dispatched by Jon. I have no idea how I rolled so well for those two kills.