A sudden start
My solitary wandering has come to an end for a while. My untimely capture(I don't recall details, but I awoke with no signs of battle upon me - perhaps a trap?) has put me in the company of others. It is an alliance made reluctantly - cowardice and hesitation roam their ranks. However, Master often said to keep an open mind on the cultures and attitudes of the other races.

However, no amount of stressing this ideal would prepare me for what these other races had to offer. I have only met elves and dwarves on the fields of battle, and there are a few of both in this small group...

...There is an elven archer with longer ears than the others. He has a peculiar accent that makes it hard to follow his dialect and meaning, although he is a reasonably skilled hunter. He seems to favor the bow, though I have yet to see his competence.

...The two other elves, both female, are a mix of mysterious and unsuited to the rage of war. One is too absent-minded, the other merely a child. I question their capability more than the others.

...There are two dwarves. One is very stoic and calm, the other a warrior more along my code of battle. The former seems suspicious of me(reasonably so), and the latter I quite like. Despite the racial differences, his savagery in combat is like that of the orcs. His short work of our captors has won my respect, though I doubt that means much to him.

...The last is a human of faith. Her demeanor seems to reflect the brands she proudly wears - a fiery passion that seems to be directed towards the immediate health and well-being of others. Commendable.

It has been some time since I have been in the company of others. I have not forgotten the common language amongst the race of elves, dwarves, and humankind, but it no doubt lacks the fluidity or cohesiveness of a natural linguist. I fear that this, in conjunction with my size(I tower over my 'allies') and my mask, will cause them to examine me too closely and discover what I am. There is little to be done about this - either they see what I am, or they see the mask and it postpones the inevitable.

Our journey has brought us to a resistance group, their ranks meager in comparison to the looming darkness. A small, flickering hope is better than no hope, however, and i've become at least partially inspired by the cooperation amongst the races. My fellow adventurers have decided to spend some time exploring and scavenging inside an abandoned place of worship. Rumors seem to imply that it houses a great deal of power, and I feel that my talents could be better put to use elsewhere, but fate has brought us together for a reason, and I would be remiss to sit idly by while they walk into potential danger.
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