A fine mess you all got me into...
Harbek addresses the party, after forcing them out of the room away from the sleeping danger.

It's time to recognize who is going to get you out of here, ME!! Who's been right ALL along? ME! Who's been guiding us, higher and higher? ME! I'll admit to stepping on one trap, but that's it. There's a lesson in humility that needs to be learned, so if ya need a five-er si'down and can it, because I'm teaching the lesson. Are you ready?

In order to get out of here, we have to go up. And that dinky little hole in there ain't gonna do it, 'cept maybe for sanguine. So... Let's all go back up those stairs, and take a look. You don't like what you see? Too bad! We came back down to waste more time and watch Pak'Cha cement his claim to the title of living ten foot pole. UP is the way out. When you're below surface, and there is a way up, take it. You could spend hours, days, even weeks digging sideways, getting nowhere but deeper.

I can't take all of ya, and I think I'll need you all in the rooms above, but I'm begging you all to heed my advice before we lose our light, will and sanity. It may not even be in that order. So what's it going to be? Up or nowhere?
Session: Session 27 - Sunday, Mar 24 2013 from 8:00 PM to 1:00 AM
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Pak'cha chitters softly, and idly nudges Harbek. "It isn't my fault whoever built this trash heap hides the traps so well! if we could find them, I could keep them from going off!" He shakes his head, grumbling softly. "I'll come with you. It still stinks down here."
We will continue to work together! Now, who else?
FINE!!!!!!! Get us killed, I knew my death was coming one day. My spirit will strengthen the land, what's the value of your life?
You already have my spear, Harbek. You've got us this far, I'll follow you out.
Pak'cha shakes his head. As always, my fists will rise when there is need. No one's life will be given up, so long as any of us have a word in the matter. Let us put this dung heap behind us, and carry on.