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Dark Sun: Rising
Chapter 8: Backtracking
Harbek quickly discovered that their previous path was now blocked. A cave-in, likely caused by Whelm, forced the heroes to find a new path. Thankfully, there were many others to choose from. Unfortunately, one of which was full of dead bodies.

The party chose the path less necromantic, and they made their trek back toward the upper tiers. There were only a few minor delays, and the poisonous air, being expected, was not nearly as dangerous this time around. Eventually, they found themselves back in the room full of strange, stuffed felines, and chose a new doorway. This led them through to a partially crumbled chamber with yet another hostile surprise. An amphisbaena had made its home in the rubble and struck out against the party. Despite having (two) nasty heads, it was quickly dispatched and the party found stairs that took them up.

Their elation was short-lived. Only one door at the end of a passageway was found. What they saw inside brought forth a terrible scream from Sanguine. The chamber was rife with the necromantic aura of the Gray. Harbek reluctantly closed the door, and the party made their way back downstairs. Since that way was blocked, they chose the another doorway. This time, they discovered another primal spirit. An ancient tree rooted in brackish water barred their path. It lashed out and attacked when they came near, but recoiled when it realized Harbek was a primal warrior. Calling itself Xilonen, it explained that it was a tree of life, long since corrupted by Zotzilaha's evil magic. It apologized for the attack, and begged to be destroyed, but not before pleading with Harbek to locate and protect its seed.

They held up in that room for a long rest. Each was too exhausted to continue. They had been traveling in circles with no end in sight. Crusher did his best to calm Malla's nerves. After far too long in the darkness, Harbek struck up a torch and got everyone moving again. They had one final door to check; hopefully it was a way out.

As they entered the small hallway, Pak'Cha grew impatient and moved to open the door, hoping for an exit. His rash behavior once again set off a trap, awakening a number of ancient constructs. The guardians struck hard, but were brittle and easily destroyed. Finally, after all their trials, they had found...

...Another dead end. In this hallway was some sort of shrine; a huge statue of a giant-like creature lay at one end, and a small well of reddish liquid lay opposite. In the moth of the giant statue rested a large feline. Tacked along the walls were the flayed skins of humans, left out to dry... Harbek shook his head, "We should've gone through the gray."
Session: Session 27 - Sunday, Mar 24 2013 from 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM
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And with that we take a break.

Fun session, y'all! Hope everyone enjoys the break and gets excited to continue!
What I want to know is:

How did they create this dungeon to troll Sanguine so perfectly?

Sanguine's facebook page wasn't set to private.
Nice D, nice...


I am REALLY looking forward to playing again.
We're going the wrong way...

Whatever, don't trust the only one of us who has experience in subterranean settings.
Everytime we follow you, we end up having some primal thing that tries to eat one of us, and then ends up dying. The wet demon, the earthen bug, and the withered tree...
And every time we let you lead, someone gets poisoned, crushed, shot, stabbed, frozen, dazed, blasted, burned, or hit.

I really hate this place.
Yes. But no one else is going to look for traps besides harbek and me, and he says we're clear as often as I do, right before something explodes in my face.

I think we all hate this place. If any of you like it, you can lead...