You know, things are going better then they could, given the circumstances...
From the Journal of Nox, otherwise known as Lionlotus:

You know, traveling through dimensions and realities is really an arduous journey. There's a lot to it, and it take a lot of your energy. In addition to that, where you end up next, is kind of unknown, and once you're there, you're there. You have to spend the resources to try and go back again. And when you enter said reality...You also tend to lose a part of yourself until whatever higher power there is decides to give it back
I came to earth from a dimension that seemed to be pleasant. I can't really remember the details. When I pushed out through the wormhole, I blacked out...I think. I came to feeling dizzy, a little headachy, and with an incurable desire for something the earth people call a Muffin. I was discovered by someone who calls himself a 'SHIELD operative' and have since then been placed with a team of fellow earthlings who share similar powers to me.
And electrified Ice use, a Spirit Talker, and a few people I can't seem to remember. Maybe I should take pictures of them at some point? I dunno, names have always been hard for me to remember. And I'm craving another muffin. Mmmm....Muffins....Chocolate chip muffins! I wonder if we have any? Oh, well anyways, I've been placed with this team here in someplace called 'seattle'. It's next to the ocean, lots of different places to go, smog to breath, and gang member to either coerce into joining the 'Owls' group or kill, from what I was told. We'll just have to see what the future holds, yeah?
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