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Dark Sun: Rising
Chapter 7: The Eye of the....Nope, too easy

Yep, and it was awesome.
Session: Session 25 - Sunday, Mar 03 2013 from 3:00 PM to 8:00 PM
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*wields his +1 stick of poking*

*pokes the beholder pondering what the floating loot pinata held within itself*

Anything in there? o.o
The Iris of the central Eye can be affixed to a chain to provide protection against gaze attacks. (12th level)

The necrotic Eye can be placed on the forehead to protect against flanking. (13th level)

The other eyes are too damaged to utilize, but if preserved, would be worth 300gp ea. to any practitioners of the arcane.

The spikes and teeth can be fashioned into any 2 heavy blade or axe weapons. Or sold as scatty for roughly 130gp in Samarrah.
How many other eyes were there? 10? O.o
11 eyes in total. So 9, if preserved, could be sold.
Alright guys Im claiming the Iris of the Centeral eye. IT would increase my defences, and help against an all fight dominate. not to say it wont happen again, but we missed out on some serious damage from Anamis.

I think the Necrotic Eye would probobly be good for Pak, considering he has the movment to get in the fight early, which results in him getting flanked and messed up. This will help him out a bit.

Any objections let me know, but as of now im adding it to my char sheet =)
I think necrotic going to pak is great idea, other eye isn't a bad idea either. I think though in order to claim such things you should make a character post ;)
I don't think out of game things should affect in game stuff. ;)

I like the eye, but I don't like being flanked. I don't get flanked too often. that works though. lol.
Don't forget to knock off the survival days for leveling, people. :)