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Dark Sun: Rising
You're all lost. You never should have abandoned the skimmer and struck out into... what did Theoak call it, the marshes? A large group of savage warriors that inhabited the isle are hot on your trail. Far too many to fight and they have terrain advantage. Stumbling through a fen, you race toward higher ground ahead. Harbek and Crusher take up the rear, battling back the closest warriors. Theoak guides the rest up the hillside. Strangely, as you draw closer, it becomes apparent that the craggy hills are actually the ruins of an ancient ziggurat covered in creepers and carpeted with moss.

Pak'Cha thinks you can make a stand there.

What appears to be hundreds of warriors crash through the underbrush into the clearing. Crusher and Harbek have retreated up the hill and formed a perimeter around the party. The warriors rush up the hill, eyes wild with rage. Among them is some sort of witch. When he lays eyes upon you all, he throws his fetish into the sky, convulses wildly, then dramatically catches the implement and smashes it onto the ground...

...The ground begins to tremble, and you feel the earth give way. Anamis summons forth his demonic legs to grab ahold of the wall, but it too crumbles. You all fall and the world goes black.

A rain of small rocks and dust descends upon your heads, but you were lucky enough to have survived. There is no sign of the sky above...
Session: Session 24 - Monday, Feb 25 2013 from 1:30 AM to 6:30 AM
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Kalinth opens his eyes and looks about, darkness enclosing everything making it harder to see past an arms reach, he does a quick assessment of solaris's body before standing up; dislocated shoulder (will need some help shoving it back in before healing it) and a gash on his head likely from a rock striking him, likely why he was in control and solaris was ' unconscious'

He channeled power carefully through their body getting rid of most minor wounds and began reaching out to check on his comrades finding none in critical condition and that sanguine was almost next to him. With a pulse of energy he set the silvered markings upon his body alight casting a pale glow about him before walking over to sanguine and sending a pulse of power into her to help wake her and give her strength, "Stand to Sanguine, the others need our help." Kalinth then offered his good arm's hand to sanguine to help her up.

dislocated shoulder...
what you trying to say? >:(
I went with that injury mainly for a level of character interaction and the fact it was a likely injury after falling amongst a bunch of rubble an indeterminate amount of feet and something that was also plausibly 'fixable' via healing powers (once set back in socket)

Sidenote: It wasn't until half way through writing this post that I realized the actual reason behind you asking question and it was nothing aimed at ya ;)

I was just giving you a hard time. Glad you caught the humor though. :D
Surprised I made only char post so far lol. Feeling a bit like the kid eating paste on the side of the playground right now lol
Pak'cha snarls, and waves his clutch mates forward, towards the ruins. Accutely aware of everything around him, he lets part of his mind race onwards, planning ahead, and leading them towards the safety of the ruins. "There! We must reach there! Their numbers will mean nothing if they cannot bring them to bear! QUICKLY!"

The other half of his mind rages, power cascading off of his limbs as he tears through anything that blocks their path. Greenish flows of power surround him as the earth below them starts to tremble, and fall. The earth sundering around them, he starts throwing punches, and kicks. as he was ahead of his clutch mates, he was mostly between them, and the most deadly of the rubble. He smashes what rubble he can to smaller bits, and shoves the rest away, as best as he can until he hits thr ground with a heavy, sickening thud.

Pak'cha rises a moment after hitting the ground, and quickly counts heads. He starts moving, yanking his larger left limb back into place as he moves to help the others as Solaris rises, and casts off a blueish glow of light. "Stand to Sanguine, the others need our help."

He mutters "Come. Nothing but death awaits those who cannot stand, and none of us shall die today." He moves to the tall man's side, and casually takes his hanging arm...and gruffly pops the joint back into place, much as he did his own arm. "There isn't time enough to hurt.." he explains, carefully looking over Solaris's face.
Kalinth merely grunts as the thri-kreen roughly set solaris's shoulder, the pain feeling muted and far away. He pulses a minor burst of restorative energy into the bug before knitting solaris's shoulder, noting with displeasure that the thri-keen's inexperience in healing had resulted in more damage to the joint and fully expected it would take a long while for the joint to fully recover. With a bite of irritation clearly present, "Next time Pak'cha, seek guidance on treating an injury or let a healer do it, not everyone has your anatomy and I'll be damned if you further damage Solaris due to ignorance."
Pak'cha glares back at the tall human, and snarls softly "If you live, you can blubber on. -You- are a healer. You should have done something about it. If you are lost, none of us will be capable of carrying on. Take care of yourself before you see to us. And especially before you take care of me, Two Minds!"

The pulse oof healing power surges though him, easing the ache of a dozen minor wounds almost instantly. The wicked green energy flowing around him pulses a brillaint blue, and then settles into a brillant white as he once more asserts control over his mind.

He gruffly mutters "Thank you for your efforts though... But there are more pressing matters at hand. Like where are we for instance?"
Rage surges through Kalinth's mind at the blubbering comment and memories of killing thri-kreen in combat surge through his being and for the briefest of moments lightning crackles between the fingers of Solaris's hand. He quells such thoughts and clenches Solaris's hand tightly, "I know not where we are. Let us hope not in a place easily reached for our sakes though."
"Yes. But let us hope that it is a place easily left, otherwise we are in greater danger then it appears." Pak'cha either doesn't notice, or doesn't care about the lightning dancing along the tall man's fingers.