Power Overwhelming
The skimmer continued it's trek through the treacherous terrain. Everyone had returned to their posts, except those lost in the heat of battle. There was a grim look upon the faces of the other dwarves. Harbek's too.

"Later we'll do a toast to our fallen friends! They will not be forgotten. I killed that horrendous creature, it never should have come out of the silt. None of them should have shown their many eyes. NOT to ME!" Harbek's personal victory in battle didn't seem to have the same savory sensation of glory, as it did for the others.

The boat jostled. Then shook hard, before creaking loudly and, coming to a halt. The sides of the hull bent inward, as the noise grew louder. Harbek heard Malla shout down, "GIVE IT ALL YOU GOT!" Harbek's veins bulged as he planted his feet and pushed on the axle. The skimmer lurched and landed hard onto some rocks. The walls split. Silt began pouring in.

Harbek looked around, to find himself alone. Neither Crusher, nor the two other dwarves were down below with him as usual. Harbek began to climb out, as a burst of silt slammed him down. It took all he had to raise himself up and out of the mess. Looking up to see if anyone was waiting for him, he saw his companions. Sanguine, Solaris, and Pak'Cha all turned away, shaking their heads. Solaris glanced back, "Why should I, when he wouldn't for me?" Theeoak lowered a rope to help Harbek up, while Crusher grabbed his shoulder. Crusher gave Harbek an angry look, "C'mon Harbek, this is no time to nap!!"

"I... I wasn't napping, what?! Where were you down there?! I was the ONLY ONE who was trying!!! WHERE WERE YOU?!?! HUH?! It was MY strength that got us out of that mess!" Harbek was on top of the skimmer, shouting, raising his arms up as if it were the games in Balic again. Yet it wasn't, he was sinking slowly into the silt, as his friends stood on the rocky shore watching. Theeoak, gave him a concerned look "I tried..." Crusher called out again, "C'mon Harbek!!

Harbek was startled as he woke up on the floor of the skimmer. Crusher, now with his foot on Harbek's shoulder, "This is no time to nap. Help us out here!" Dain was on the axle by himself. Sweat rolled off of Harbek's head, wiping his brow he wondered if it was like this in those jungles he heard about from Theeoak. The halfling stared down at Harbek, with a concerned look on his face, then dropped the flap and walked away.

Harbek stood up and returned to his post, in silence, lacking the usual confident smile.
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“Saw what you did in that fight Harbek. You have the taint of defiling within your blood, I can feel it. Do yourself a favor and be rid of it. That power leaves scars that never seem to fully heal.”

Anamis goes quiet for some time, then continues on. “Its embrace is addictive friend, and I’d hate to see what you would become. Leave that power to the damned Harbek, and continue trying to preserve this land.“
Harbek shoots Anamis a stern look. "I don't know what to expect. I thought I was stronger than this. You're right though, it's addictive. I felt empowered, more dangerous and a bigger threat than ever before. What if I could use it? Rid the land of the defilers, with their own power?" Harbek shakes his head in rage. "Wait, how do you know what it feels like? If you know any defilers, come clean now!"
Hearing and sensing anger build within Harbek, Solaris brought himself over to the dwarf and placed his hand on Harbek's shoulder, "Be at peace Harbek, i'm sure our friend Anamis here has done little more than relay information he has obtained from one of the many less than reputable people he has talked with during his life. It troubles me to see such anger within you Harbek, what is going on?"
Anamis stares past Solaris seemingly oblivious to Harbeks rage.

Many years ago I knew a young man who sacrificed life for power. His regrets still burn within him, and his soul was forever damaged. It twisted him, made him different.

Anamis flexes his gloved hand.

It changes you Harbek, makes you numb, leaving only regrets as reminders. Learn from others and don’t walk down that path. The noble of heart don’t last long, and the weak die, but at least they leave this cursed land with pure souls.
"You callin' me weak?! Watch your mouth devil..." Harbek instinctively moved his hand, slowly, towards his axe. Feeling Solaris' hand on his shoulder, he sighed, "Now's not the time for this, let's keep our pace and find this damn mine. I'll feel better when we're underground."
Solaris smirked slightly at Anamis before nudging the dwarf, "Harbek, I think if Anamis was intending to call ya weak he'd be doing it from across the skimmer's hold with a barricade setup and a horde of mean ol nasties at his side. Instead what he is merely doing is offering advice, not criticism."
The familiar gaping smile opens up, "Ahahahaha, that's a good one!! Shit..."
"Stop giving Harbek a bad time about it. Not everyone made the same mistake as you Anamis. It's not his fault." Sanguine gives Anamis an glare as cold as the desert night.
Anamis nods, adjusts his cloak against the harsh wind and begins walking toward the back of the ship.
Solaris notices Anamis leave and takes a moment to ensure that Harbek seems in better spirits before setting off after the tiefling. He catches up fairly soon and matches Anamis's step before asking quietly, "So Anamis, why the brooding countenance as of late?"
Harbek's anger is beginning to boil over. Any time he uses his dragon's curse, he can choose to gain advantage on all attacks until the end of the encounter. If he does, he must choose two allies who lose a healing surge, or lose two of his own.