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The Iron Circle
Session 606: Recap
The party finds themselves alone at 10,000 feet in the mountains. The sun is dipping low in the western sky and the howls if Girallons tell of a nearby hunt. It seems the two massive beasts survived the avalanche after all. The party set to work in an effort to both lure and ambush the foul creatures. Drag'os dug a very provocative tunnel while Tryn helped quickly bury Torinn and Zevron. She then hid behind two mounts of rock while Redgrim faked an injury and dropped his hammer. The Girallons were still suspicious and worked slowly into position until they were cautiously approaching from either side. Then they charged.

It was close. Redgrim was on the verge of blacking out. He was so groggy from the violent drubbing he received at the hands of the Girallons, he could hardly strike a blow the entire combat. He lept about in the fray but was ineffective. Fortunately, Zevron, Drag'os, Tryn and Torinn were getting the job done. They made short work of the first beast and dropped the second as it attempted to flee.

Tryn quickly field dressed the kills removing only the edible portions of the well muscled buy quite stringy Girallon meat. They now had food and a basic shelter in a carved out snow cave, but with dire weather coming and the potential for further hunting Girallons, they knew they had to keep moving. They decided to retrace their steps back to the cauldron that brought them here. The found footprints of the missing witch and they lead back to the cauldron as well. Zevron was able to determine she had cast a ritual to activate the teleportation magic of the cauldron. However, in her rush to complete the ritual before the return of the heroes, she used quite a bit more reagents than was strictly necessary. Zevron was able to gather them up and reactivate the cauldron. Tryn jumped in and collected more herbs and Zevron was able to complete the ritual for the entire party.

Once back in Nenlast, they went looking for their number one fan. Unable to find him, they heard rumors of something bad in Hammerfast. They found a secret message in his lair. It read: "No more Hammerfast". Redgrim was the one who deciphered the message. They decided to acquire horses and travel quickly to Hammerfast.

What they found was devastation its most raw form. Hammerfast was simply gone. Only the stoutest of foundations and tombs even existed and even those were sucken, ruined and cast at odd angles to the landscape. Investigation revealed that it was the battle between Bitterstrike and Calastryx that wiped the city off the map. The wrecked and barely alive form of Bitterstrike was found, crawled off and slumped in a nearby copse of trees just outside the former town wall. She was broken and dying. In exchange for information, the party healed her enough that should could talk once more. Unbidden, Drag'os gave her one of his magical gems of sight. This healed her long burning slashed eye socket. No one had ever shown her a genuine act of kindness of this magnitude. Something in her may have started to change. But even so, she was still an old creature with long worn habits and ways. And it was in this spirit that she burned with a vengeance to repay this hurt upon Calastryx. Something she knows she can't achieve alone. And, as anyone knows, the only way to get an evil dragon on your side is to make sure your objectives line up as closely as possible and to make yourself indispensable. Whether or not those have been a success will be found out next week.

In the meantime, the dwarves are now below ground, under the once thrumming city of Hammerfast. Above ground still stands the ruins, the necropolis of the Dwarves. And below is slowly being build, the new fortress city of New Hammerfast.
Session: Game Session 606: Alive - Friday, Feb 15 2013 from 10:00 PM to 1:00 AM
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