An infection of the spirit
Harbek made one last effort to plant the seeds of renewal. He kneeled on one knee, another foot planted firmly, and hands rooted into the corrupted land. He expended his power of wellspring, to root the primal spirit. It took all his concentration, will and even a personal sacrifice of his own primal connection.

Straining to make a lasting mark, he failed to notice what was happening. Harbek had given of himself, and in doing so, had exchanged his own primal spirit with the spirit of this defiled terrain. He jolted out of his meditation, unaware of his blunder. When he closed his eyes to sense how deep he had reached, it dawned on him what he had done.

The subtle black streaks under his skin were the first sign. Harbek felt a distance between himself and his kindred spirit of nature. All the while feeling something familiar. He knew it, but not in this form. It was the sensation of defiling, this time from within.

Harbek struggled to remain upright. He gazed out of the crater, blinded by the light. Stumbling over himself and dragging his axe through the sands, he managed to reach his riding mount. With the last strength he had, he hoisted himself onto the beast. Breathing heavy, he rested before propping his head on the neck of his animal companion. Harbek then made his way out of the crater in hopes of finding the group.
Session: Session 22 - Monday, Feb 04 2013 from 12:00 AM to 5:00 AM
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