Ash to Soil; Nature's alchemy
Harbek stood in the crater, braxat corpses motionless next to him. The rush of visceral combat had him focused on slaying his target. He wasn't able to end the defilers, but his trusty companions were there at his side to ensure a quick end. Harbek's heart settled. His eyes scanned the surroundings, and he recalled why he had been thrown into a rage.

The defiling. It had destroyed what little was left of this already-barren land and turned it into, what felt like, a void. It was empty of all. Harbek's slow heartbeats echoed out in the spirit world. His companions' too, at least it seemed they were all there. Malla had a look of disgust, and gazed out towards her goal.

"Malla, I cannot come with you. I have work to do here. I have spent so much time killing the cause, I have forgotten what I have to do to heal the wounds. You won't need me, in person. My spirit will support you from here, and their powers will wain, as their hold on nature does." Harbek uttered those final words before falling silent. He kneeled in the ashes, and begin his meditation. What followed was nature's own method of recycling the dead. Wind began softly sweeping the ashes, insects emerged to eat the decayed material, and the sands started to return to their original form.
Session: Session 21 - Sunday, Jan 27 2013 from 3:00 PM to 8:00 PM
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Pak'cha lightly touches a hand to the solid shoulder of Harbek. A faint surge of energy rolls from him into the man. His eyes falling shut for a moment, Pak'cha channels raw fire, and focused energy into his clutch mate, lending his unfocused energy to his cause.

He speaks in common, "Fire is used to Destroy, most times. But it can also renew.. Use it well, and sear shut this wound on the land. We shall return for you."

He continues in Thri-Kreen, a threat and warning to the very air. I will destroy anyone who harms this meat sack. He is of my clutch. My power flows through him.

He glares at the corpses, then walks away silently to join the others.
Solaris watched Harbeck begin his meditation and the slow process of restoration he was beginning. "What once was destroyed may be restored eventually." he spoke quietly to himself. I wonder if there is any hope for me... spoke Kalinth in a surprisingly sullen tone. Solaris was ready to respond when a memory of a Mul came to the forefront of his mind Torrin... The Mul was standing over him and speaking softly to him "Don't worry my friend, things may seem bleak and your chance at life destroyed, what with your throat nearly torn out like that. But what was once destroyed can always be brought back to health, all it needs is a bit of tending and work." With those words the Mul let loose a surge of power that flowed into Solaris as the memory suddenly ended. Solaris blinked his eyes as the memory faded away and mentally reached out to Kalinth only to find the entity seemingly withdrawn and contemplating the memory. 'Don't worry Kalinth, you've helped me get this far and i've not forgotten the promise I made to you to help restore you' At this Solaris bowed slightly to the dwarf and made his way to the rest of the group as they begun their treck onwards.