Bad luck and overextended party leads to TOTAL PARTY KILL.

Here are our choices:

1. Keep playing Skull & Shackles, but skip forward a bit: say 5th level.

2. Resume Kingmaker campaign. Play last module of Kingmaker, and then make another choice about what to do next.

3. Play another Adventure Path. Probably next choice is Rise of the Runelords, a very traditional D&D sword and sorcery campaign.

4. Someone else DMs for a while.

Lets discuss then take a vote.
Session: Session 7: Picking Up Where We Left Off - Friday, Feb 01 2013 from 6:45 PM to 12:45 AM
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Well, I think that we did a fine job role-playing the entire encounter. There are, for better or for worse, certain drawbacks to playing an evil campaign, such as a total party kill.

Brian -- if I'm reading you correctly, I presume that you're itching to play rather than DM for a while? If that's what you're looking for, let's look for a way. What you've been doing has been highly appreciated.
I guess we got cocky. I blame Sam Stryker for not reminding us not to get cocky at the right time. You guys forgot that Cap'n "Cattails" Clavier was both dumb and evil ... ;)

Brian, thanks for a great game so far. If you want to keep running the game, my preferred option would be to start fresh with Rise of the Runelords. I'm kind of pirated-out - remember, the last time I played in 2005 I was running a pirate campaign, so I've kind of been playing pirate games for 8 years!

As for Kingmaker, I'm not sure about slotting into a campaign that's been going as long as that has - unless you guys really want to finish with it, in which case I'll definitely give it a shot.

Another option would be for me to run a short Blueholme game. It's not really ready for a full-on campaign because I'm still writing the high-level rules, but if Brian wants a breather and you're all willing to try out some 1978-style Basic D&D rules, I'd be more than happy to oblige.

Oh, and just in case you opt for Blueholme - please don't read the introductory module 'the Maze of Nuromen'!
Just to be clear, I don't want to stop DM'ing. In fact, if someone else wanted to start DM'ing for a long campaign, I'd probably want to trade-off sessions with a long campaign. On the other hand, if someone wanted to DM for a one-off or single module type thing, I'm happy to step back until we play through.

If we pick up Kingmaker, you'll miss out on some of the history, but its not exactly a "slot-in." We would advance the timeline 5 years from the last bit. We would also not bother with any more of the kingdom-building, assuming that it has more-or-less reached a steady state. JC will be making a new character/picking up an NPC. Many of the other PCs will have some filled-in history, or off pursuing their own agendas (and in any case, will be advancing a few levels). The last module would be like re-uniting the old party to face a new threat to the kingdom from an unexpected part.
I think it we role played it as well as we would have, It really was a combo of just bad luck and just pushing it too far. Its really just how the dice rolls sometimes.

My vote is for starting up rise of the runelords or picking up kingmaker again. I really like the idea of traditional sword and sorcery kind of thing. Also just doing a google image search of it, it looks pretty cool. I really like the idea of flaws, traits and possibly race for characters being totally random, but hopefully we can change the character creation somewhere between what we did for kingmaker and pirates.

I think blueholme we can try with a weekend of pizza and chips haha, but need to read up on all the rules again.
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I spent some time looking up Rise of the Runelords, and I like what I saw. Put me in the same camp as Mike -- considering that Michael needs more time to work on Blueholme and that Brian's down for more DM-ing, put me down for either Kingmaker or Runelords.
Hi Guys.

Three points.
1. I loved the first session of Skull and Shackles. I really like the gritty realism. However, getting two characters killed two sessions in a row has kinda bummed me out a bit.
2. I would personally be happy to let Kingmaker Pass. Again, I liked the gritty reality of the start more than the high level stuff.
3. I would be happy to try Rise of the Runelords. I have DMed (a beginner) a couple of modules with my boy around the area of Sandpoint, which is where ROTR is set. I would be happy to DM We Be Goblins as an intro, or Beginner Box Black Fangs Dungeon. They could be almost like parallel adventures, to add background to the campaign, as if a story was told in the Rusty Dragon......
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Carsten -- what you're suggesting in (3) seems very cool...
Well, we haven't heard from Arthur or Spencer yet (anyone hear from Spencer since Xmas, by the way?), but it looks like we're heading to a consensus that Rise of the Runelords sounds like a cool prospect.

I'm not pushing Blueholme on you guys, but I'll keep open the offer of one or two playtest sessions whenever Brian wants a rest - like Michael says, a beer & pizza weekend, maybe.
I would also be very open to try Blueholme.
I would also be very open to try Blueholme.
More about Rise of the Runelords ("ROTR"). The setting is in a frontier, with very little politics. Racially, the area is very standard D&D: Humans, elves, dwarves, halflings, with occasional half-orcs, goblins, gnomes, and stranger races. Humans are either (1) civilized town and farmer types, descended from when the Cheliax empire ruled the area (but before it turned evil); (2) Shoanti barbarian (sort of a cross between celtic picts and native American Indians); or (3) wandering Varisians (gypsies).

Implicitly, the party would be "local lads rise to heroism" with most or all of the party starting from the small town of Sandpoint or its environs.

With the exception of character generation, it would be very straight Pathfinder.
Arthur? Spencer?
Sry late in replying. Have a deadline on feb 14 and likely working during CNY.

All 3 options sound great so i'll go with majority. I actually like the idea of adding the option of our wheel of fortune character creation in a non-skill points intensive game like rise of the runelord especially if we can some perks or ability pts to play around with.

I just wrote a massive wall of text in gmail in support for rise of the rune lords lol. and thats where it seems everything is going lol. I feel like a moron for not checking the forums haha.

I really like parts of the character gen of Pirates, and would like to carry some of it over to Rise of the rune lords if thats what people are going for.

I'll take back my vote on kingmaker. maybe it isn't the best idea because of the intensity of starting at high levels for people who haven't had a chance to kind of grow with the character can be really tough. starting at lvl 10 cold turkey without really being able to learn the ins and outs in of it in actual game play can be brutal, because you're kind of limited because you won't know how to play it efficiently and the monsters will just be brutal. ..
OK. Rise of the Runelords it is. I'll start drawing up character creation guidelines. I will use something like we did for Skull & Shackles, but modified for the campaign (most of the PCs will come from the same small town where they've known each other since they were young).

I also intend to use hero points liberally, not least to make the campaign much less deadly while still keeping it challenging. I've got some further ideas, and will describe later.
Yay! I guess this means a new one of these Epic Thingy Campaign sites.
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Much appreciated
Did... did... did... I die?
WOAH! None of the annoying Spencer constant paranoia nagging leads to TPK!

Ok, I was only joking, and sorry for the late reply. Had to help my mum move house and so much stuff to pack and unpack…

I am happy to do ROTR or anything really, just happy that we got a good group going that we can play together. I have to say though, I really wish we could someday finish Kingmaker, I am so drawn to the lore over there and just wanted to find out what really happened. Also with all our character grown for 5 years really opens up for a lot of cool story to be developed. I enjoy the battle side of things, but the stories for our characters are all really interesting too.

Starting out on 1st level is both fun and pain. I really want to see what a magus can do pass lv 5! :D I guess that have to wait... again.
Well, technically Misha is sailing off into the sunset with "big sis" Sandy ...
I think Owlbear married Misha.........
Speaking of Owlbear - did we really forget to include him in the boarding party? I'm starting to think that an early TPK with this pirate crew might have been for the best ... :P