To be reported to Pathfinder Society when possible.

Belated entry in my journal regarding trip down the Slithering Coast. Three noteworthy items here:

(1) Devil fish, sharks and other fascinating aquatic creatures in this region. Very difficult to defend from such creatures from a small craft such as ours.

(2) Piracy evidently popular among goblins, combining their lust for gold with their man-eating tendencies. Goblin pirate ship attempted to capture us. However, the hunter became the hunted -- the prey turned out to have sharp teeth. We captured or killed all goblin pirates, whose combat tactics focus upon mass swarming through ganging up. Specialized individuals trip boarders, who are swarmed and killed once down. However, such tactics proved fruitless when dealing with agile and hard-hitting adversaries such as ourselves. Goblins also had alchemist using alchemist fire, which ended up destroying the goblin ship. So, no report regarding what was supposedly a good amount of loot, to our great detriment.

(3) Some Mwangi tribesmen along the shore. Declined to raid them -- figured that there was no honor in massacre of defenseless innocents.
Session: Fragrant Harbor 06: Pirates Ahoy - Friday, Dec 21 2012 from 7:15 PM to 10:15 PM
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Remember that my first love was the Mwangi Expanse and its people, before I fell in love with the Sea. Would be much happier raiding merchies rather than Mwangi.